Focus on K0/K1 (PreK)

Focus on K0/K1 is our curriculum for our four-year-old students. In the BPS, we use the terms K1 instead of PreK and K0 for three-year-old students. Our curriculum, while designed for four-year-old students, contains developmentally appropriate adaptations to serve all our three- and four-year-old students. As this is most likely their first foray into school, our units of study are designed as a bridge between home and school. Click an icon below to access the curriculum by unit.

K0/K1 Rubric and Progress Report

K0/K1 Homelinks

Set Up for Success and The First 3 Weeks of School

Focus on K1 - Set Up For Success (Website)

Intro to Focus on K1 Webinar

Preview of Unit 5 and Unit 6

K0/K1 Research and Articles

Units 1-6 Vocabulary Picture Word Cards and Keys

Professional Development 2017-18

For teachers new to Focus on K0/K1, our SY2017-18 Seminar Series:

  • 9/27, 8:30am-12:30pm, Bolling room 2-12
  • 12/13, 8:30am-12:30pm, Bolling room 3-43
  • 3/14, 8:30am-12:30pm, Campbell Resource Center

For veteran Focus on K1 teachers, we have our Focus on K0/K1 Adaptations Seminars (for diverse learners):

  • 10/26, 5pm-7pm, BLA Suite 6
  • 1/25, 5pm-7pm, BLA Suite 6
  • 4/26, 5pm-7pm, BLA Suite 6
  • 5/24, 5pm-7pm, BLA Suite 6

For all Focus on K1 teachers, please register for our Using Observation to Inform Teaching and Learning Seminar:

  • 10/17, 5pm-7pm, Bolling
  • 11/14, 5pm-7pm, Bolling
  • 1/23, 5pm-7pm, Bolling
  • 3/6, 5pm-7pm, Bolling

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Focus on K0/K1 Pacing Plan, SY '17-'18

Pacing Plan SY1718.pdf

Focus on K0/K1 Guiding Documents and Curriculum Supports

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Set Up For Success 2016.pdf

Old K1 Progress Reports

Best bet: download the progress reports in Word, and print landscape, double-sided.