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Our Students Services office will be staffed periodically throughout this summer 2022, but our School Counselors will not be monitoring their emails. If you have a question, please call the main office line at 207-929-3840 to speak with one of our Administrative Assistants. To make an appointment with a counselor in the fall, please visit our appointment booking page.

Adjustments to course schedules for the 2022-23 academic year can be made by stopping into BEHS on August 25th or 26th. Students who need to fill blanks in their schedules or correct inaccuracies should plan to come in on one of those days.

Thank you, and take good care!

-The Bonny Eagle Student Services Team

Ms. Lynn Brown

Director of College & Career Placement

Department Chair


Mrs. Estelle Knight

Administrative Assistant


Ms. Dawn Staples

Administrative Assistant


Ms. Morgan Beaulieu

School Counselor

Grade 12, Class of 2023


Coach Pal Covie

School Counselor

Grade 11, Class of 2024


Mr. Khabir Edwards

School Counselor

Grade 10, Class of 2025


Mrs. Sara Otis

School Counselor

Grade 9, Class of 2026



Phone Number: 207-929-3840 ext. 816 or ext. 838

Fax Number: 866-613-4451

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K-12 School Counselor Mission Statement

The MSAD 6 School Counseling Program is an integral part of the district’s comprehensive educational program, aligned with the shared mission to help all students reach their full potential.

School Counselors design and deliver a school counseling program that improves student outcomes. School Counselors help students develop mindsets and behaviors in the areas of academic, career, social/emotional development, as well as community involvement to ensure success in school and future, post-secondary pursuits.

Find our MSAD 6 Comprehensive School Counseling Program HERE!

If things feel overwhelming, just focus on one thing at a time.

Our work addresses three domains of adolescent development.

Academic Development

  • Study skills

  • Test-taking strategies

  • Time management

  • Organizational skills

  • Tips for talking to a teacher

  • Course scheduling

College & Career Development

  • Course planning


  • Work permits or summer jobs

  • Career exploration

  • College visits

  • College applications

  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Assistance

Social/Emotional Development

  • Friend problems

  • Emotional regulation

  • Mental health

  • Personal challenges that affect your learning

  • Conflict resolution

  • Decision-making

We primarily address students' developmental needs in three direct ways.

Large Group Programming

  • Classroom lessons

  • School-wide activities

  • National awareness campaigns

Small Group Counseling

Covering topics like:

  • Grief

  • Social skills

  • Executive functioning

  • Divorce

  • LGBT identity

Short-Term Individual Counseling

  • Academic or college and career advising

  • Short-term, goal-focused counseling

We serve students' developmental needs in these other indirect ways.


with teachers, administrators, families, staff members, and community members


with teachers, administrators, families, staff members, other mental health professionals, and school counseling colleagues


to in-school and outside mental health providers, community programs, the MTSS team, and Special Education services

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