Small Groups

Group is a great way for a small group of students (4-6 students) to gain extra support, instruction, and "talk" time with the counselor. Groups typically last 4-6 sessions and take place during the school day, sometimes during the school day, so permission from the teacher and parents may be arranged prior to participation. If you would like your child to participate in a group, just let me know!

Group Topics (Group availability is selected by counselor based on amount of need. If group is unavailable, counselor can work with a student individually):

  • Go FISH: Parents separated or divorced? In this group, we are FISH -Families In Separate Homes- swimming together with some common experiences...discussing family changes and learning from other students about what helps when family changes are occurring.
  • Cool Cats: Learn how to control your anger in positive, non-violent ways.
  • All about Me: Learn how to feel better about yourself and proud of who you are.
  • Lean on Me: Need help making and keeping friends? Learn how to get along with others, start, and maintain friendships.
  • Good Grief: If you have lost someone, learn the five stages of grief and how to cope.
  • Junior High Jitters: Are you nervous about junior high? Change is tough and scary sometimes -- but junior high has a lot to offer! Talk about what the changes will be, what to expect, and how to make the most of this transition.
  • Personal Space Camp: An on-going group for students who need additional assistance with personal space and appropriate touching/playing. Staff and/or parents make a "camp" referral for follow up from our classroom guidance lesson using the book by Julia Cook "Personal Space Camp".
  • Roosevelt Rocks!: Transitions bring on lots of changes - new friends, new routines -- changes, changes, changes! Share and receive support in your transition to Roosevelt n- most of all have a place to ask questions, share stories, and meet people who will help you down the road to making Roosevelt feel like home...because Roosevelt Rocks!
  • Superstar Students: All students are stars --- some need help organizing, managing, and completing their work to maintain their "shine"! Assistance with school work, organization at school and home, and celebrating successes is what we do with our Superstars!
  • Girl World: For support in all that is "girl" - relationships, body changes, groups/cliques, and more!
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