To meet the Academic, Personal/Social, and Career needs of our students - we have a variety of opportunities for students through our School Counseling Program.

Helping Hands: At Roosevelt we feel very strongly that we want all our students to have positive experiences as leaders and contributors to our school. When children have the opportunity to assist in making our school the best place it can be, they feel ownership and pride in our collective goals and successes. Our Helping Hands program has identified a multitude of helping positions that students can fulfill. Students apply, interview, and are "hired" for a desired postition. The Helping Hands Crew make real contributions to many important elements in our learning environment while also helping create responsible, caring, and dependable young people. For more information about this program, see the attached files or contact me for more information.

Wacky Wednesdays: Wednesdays are WACKY during our lunch recess time -- Why so WACKY? This is the day we bring out a different kind of "fun" to the playground with music, board games, sidewalk chalk, finger-knitting, so-du-ko puzzles, playdough, legos, limbo stick, and much, much more! Every week the students look forward to what Wacky Wednesday will offer outside on the playground, upstairs in the library, and even sometimes in the cafeteria! The purpose of Wacky Wednesday is to offer students a different way to interact and play with peers, provide leadership and mentor opportunities, provide alternative activities to the normal recess routine, and contribute to students feeling like recess is "AWESOME" and a positive experience at Roosevelt. Our Playground Staff and I coordinate this program for students - if we can answer questions or if you would like to assist, please contact us.

SuperStar Students: Does your child need some additional help with multiplication facts? need a reading buddy? feel like having a partner to quiz him/her on the weekly spelling list? need help organizing his/her desk or binder? been ill and needs some help catching up? SuperStar Students may just be the resource you need! How do you get to be a SuperStar you ask....this is a partnership with your teacher, you and me! The teacher refers the child for assistance and communicates with me on what needs to be done during our time so this opportunity is used wisely and we are meeting your needs! SuperStars is not a punishment --- its a supportive atmosphere were we work together to help meet your needs! Please connect with me if you would like more information!

On the Move! Walking/Running Club: We strongly encourage all students to get moving during recess -- --On the Move is an incentive program to encourage our students to meet their physical fitness goals and have fun with their friends at the same time! During a lunch recess, Mrs. Tobin and our wonderful volunteers hand out cards for students to scan ans they move ---- earning points and awards are part of the program; however, the main incentive is your health! So - are you On the Move? Get Moving! For more information, see Mrs. Tobin or me for more information.

Birthday Bash: Every month we celebrate those who have birthdays with a HUGE party in our cafeteria! If you have a birthday that month, you invite one friend to sit at the birthday table with you in our cafeteria --- treats, pencils, music, and fun is had by all!

Student Council: As part of our Student Council Leadership Team, our 4th, 5th and 6th graders help our school with all the "extra's" that go on -- Parties, Programs, Community Outreach, and Character Education and so much more! Applications are available the first week of September, with applications and an interview process to determine our Student Council Team. Mrs. Wimer, Mrs. Everson, Mrs. Severson and I help guide these leaders in our school!