Borah sports medicine

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, some things will be a bit different in the how the athletic training room will work from day to day. We have a Pandemic Operations Plan for the Athletic Training Room to make it as safe as possible for both staff and athlete's.

One of the changes is for athlete's to schedule an appointment during the school day or lunch to see the athletic trainer for an evaluation or rehabilitation services. This will help to limit the number of athlete's coming in after school, allow for physical distancing, give the sports med staff adequate time with patient's and save time trying to get athlete's out to practices on time after school. Simply click on the button to book a time!

Borah Sports Medicine Mission

We strive to provide the best possible medical care for our student-athletes. It is our goal to facilitate the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. It is our aim to provide students an opportunity to learn about the profession of sports medicine and gain knowledge and experience in this field.

Borah High School is the recipient of the Safe Sports School Award presented by the National Athletic Trainers' Association! We have received this award 2 consecutive times. First from 2014-2017 and again from 2017-2020!

For more information on what this means, click on the Safe Sports Icon.