Hello Boise High Students, Parents/Guardians, Faculty and Patrons!

 Your assistance is needed! We are happy to announce the complete remodel of the Boise High Track and Field Complex at the west end of our main campus. This is a very exciting project for Boise High and our community that is scheduled to begin construction by the fall of 2022.

The plan is for the new track to be a standard competition track with eight full lanes, an open ninth lane, competition and practice space for all field events, an artificial turf field for football, soccer, lacrosse, marching band and, of course, year round instructional space for our physical education programs. Additionally, there will be a new faculty parking lot at the west end of the campus bordering 13th Street, and the development of the 11th Street Bikeway (in association with ACHD and the City of Boise), that will allow us to relocate bike and pedestrian traffic from the 10th and Washington Street “quad” area.

As you can see, the redevelopment of the west end of our campus will provide a great deal of opportunity for all students, and allow for year round utilization of our single largest outdoor instructional space.

While we are excited about the prospect of this opportunity, it does come with some level of responsibility. While the Boise School District is paying for the majority of this construction project, with a $2.15 million plus commitment, the installation of artificial turf does not fall within the scope of the proposal. It is our goal to raise the necessary funds to complete this project. Our goal is to raise $600,000 toward completion of the new complex. Our hope is that our community will come together in the shared interest of making this happen for our current students and the future of Boise High School.

Click HERE to learn more about the Safe Sports School Distinction!

It is the mission of the Boise High School Sports Medicine Team to provide the best possible medical care to the student athletes of Boise High School.  It is our goal to facilitate the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries.  We also offer assistance with a diverse referral system to other health care professionals in the community. Educationally, it is our aim to provide students an opportunity to learn about the profession of sports medicine and gain knowledge and experience in this field.


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