Heritage High School

Band Program

Welcome to the Heritage High School Band Page.  This page will contain all information relating to the Band Program including dates and updates concerning the HHS Band.


Dear Parents:

BAND IS AWESOME! If you are in the Heritage High School Band you get to…

Travel in the Fall! Being in the Marching Band means you get to go to…

March at a University of Tennessee Football Game! (we did it last Fall!)

Drum Corps International Marching Competition at Sevier HS

EVERY Varsity Football Home and Away Game (travel to Karns, Powell, Halls HS)

Competitions on Saturdays (Karns HS, Alcoa HS)

Christmas Parades (City of Rockford, City of Townsend)

Travel in the Spring! This school year we are marching in MAGIC KINGDOM in Disney World! Next school year we are performing at CAROWINDS THEME PARK in North Carolina!


Fall “Marching Band” AND Spring “Concert Band" (Winds) or "Percussion Ensemble"

Fall Show details: Our shows are always entertaining (Last year's show had wagons and trains and was about going out west, the year before our show had boats and was about vikings.) This year our show will be revealed at a later date and will be just as entertaining and fun.


College Scholarships: Did you know that most colleges and universities give scholarships and/or room and board waivers to students to be in their band? The likelihood of receiving scholarships for incoming freshmen is higher for college marching band, or concert band students than for students in other activities!

Academic Benefits: Students in band have higher ACT & SAT score averages than their fellow classmates and as adults, lives are filled with the successes which are a direct result of band experiences: group cooperation, high self-esteem, understanding teamwork, developing a sense of persistence, and performance confidence. These traits and the activity of being in band in high school makes you more competitive in admissions for college. In fact, the likelihood of being admitted into college for students who were in band is higher than most other applicants! Incoming freshmen are also more likely to be admitted into college if they audition and are a part of a college band, as well.

New member orientation meeting Tuesday, April 25th @ 6:00pm in the Heritage HS Bandroom. All parents are encouraged to come and get all the information!

Contact me at paul.foster@blountk12.org Mr. Juday clint.juday@blountk12.org or 

Mrs. Carver leza.carver@blountk12.org if you have any questions. 

We hope to see you at the meeting!

Thank you!


Paul Foster, Clint Juday & Leza Carver