2018 FALL Guard Fees

Item Amount Due Date

  1. Uniform Deposit $80 Due May 12th ALL MEMBERS
  2. Practice pole $15 Due June 12th New members
  3. Backpack & Shirt $50 Due June 12th *New members
  4. Band Camp fee $200 Due July ALL MEMBERS
  5. Shoes $45 Due August 14th - ALL MEMBERS
  6. Uniform Balance $TBD Due August 28th ALL MEMBERS
  7. Warm-Up $90 ($2 up per piece for 2x) Due September 8th * ^^

*New members items are not needed by returning Vets UNLESS they need to be replaced.

^^Required for High Members but not for Middle School. Middle school may purchase if they want. Older members are NOT required to get new warm - up.