Costume Care & Washing

Cleaning Costume

  • Hand wash cold, line dry.
  • Use a couple drops of Dawn dishwashing soap - NO SCENTS, use the original Blue Version if you must wash.
  • Do not soak or leave wet in a pile.
  • Do not wash in a machine. “Delicate” or “hand” cycles are not the same as hand washing.
  • Do not use Arm & Hammer deodorant.
  • Do not use Oxi-clean or any like boosters
  • No hot water.
  • No dryer.
  • No iron.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Cover your costume when using hair spray or perfume.
  • Use Windex to get out grease or oil stains.

Drying Costume

  • Ring water out gently.
  • Lay a towel out, place costumes on towel and then roll up. Press to soak up excess water, this may need to be done several times.
  • Drap to dry over a chair. If able, place the chair over an air vent or in front of a box fan to circulate air.

Cleaning Shoes

  • Do not throw in washer
  • Scrub dirt off in sink - use a toothbrush to get into seams
  • Set up to allow excess water to drip out
  • Then take newspaper and stuff into shoes, this might take 1 or 2 pages depending on the size of shoe.
  • Place on an air vent, soles up.
  • Change newspaper daily till shoes are dry