A freelancer collective by mission, at first BINJ rented a small office in Cambridge for meetings between core team members and for use by freelancers who need it.

We also arranged for a trade deal with the Boston-based workshare company Workbar that allowed our journalists to utilize space in different parts of the city at no cost to us.

Additionally, we have been able to barter for several goods and services, including thousands of dollars worth of merchandise that we have been able to sell and use for promotional purposes.

Some of the services we have been able to offer include:

Free advertising in our partner outlets

Visibility at events

Sponsorships on BINJ newsletters

Throw events that attract crowds to spots that want attention (i.e. work-share spaces)

Copy and editing services

Pop-up newsroom and photo booth setup for events

Research services

Goods and services we have received include:

BINJ merchandise

Food and drink

Beer and wine


Office space

Meeting space

Hotel accommodations

Retail gift certificates