BONUS: Fiscal Sponsorship vs. 501(c)3

501c3 vs Fiscal Sponsorship table

The last decade has seen an expansion in new journalism start-ups, both for-profit and nonprofit. However, journalists moving from reporting to running an organization face a range of questions from the outset about the kind of newsroom they are trying to build. We are asked regularly by journalists whether they should incorporate as a commercial or a charitable entity. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer.

That’s why we created this guide for journalists and media entrepreneurs. This introductory primer is meant to be a brief overview of the issues discussed at greater length in the guide “Which Legal Structure is Right for My Social Enterprise? A Guide to Establishing a Social Enterprise in the United States,” written by Morrison & Foerster LLP for the Thomson Reuters Foundation in 2016. We encourage you to check out that longer piece for more detailed information and longer discussions around issues like financing your venture.