About Me

I am a born and raised Southern California girl who fell in love with this Montana man. I came up to Billings, Montana to play soccer at Montana State University-Billings and meet my husband in our "Intro to Elementary Art" class. We decided to stay in Billings and start our careers and family here. We don't plan on ever leaving and am grateful we both get to be middle school teachers here in School District 2

Like most teachers, I had a role model that really solidified my want to become a teacher. In 4th grade , I was diagnosed as having dyslexia and Mrs. Evans never gave up on me. I still remember the California gold rush activities and reading Island of the Blue dolphins, which was the first novel I ever read by myself. She helped bridge gaps in my learning and made me want to do and be better. Having dyslexia, spelling was always a challenge; however, what she did was give me a new word everyday that I had to spell correctly while running our DAILY two laps around the track. The last word she had me spell in 4th grade was "EFFORT". I can't remember what I did two weeks ago; but have more memories from 4th grade than I do of my whole k-12 experience. I thank Mrs. Evans often and we are even Facebook friends today:)


I have worked at two elementary schools. One was a title school and the other was not.

I am currently at a title middle school with a lot of diversity, and socio economic backgrounds. All of the elementary schools that feed into my school are title schools besides one that is out of our district without a middle or high school. We have a lot of services for our students due to high demand of need like YBGR counselors, Tumbleweed, CSCT counselors and many more.

Years of Experience

This is my 9th year teaching. I have taught grades 3-8.

3rd grade- 1 Year Shepherd Elementary School (Rural)

4th Grade- 4 years Eagle Cliffs Elementary School (Urban)

4/5 Combo Class - 1 Year Eagle Cliffs Elementary(Urban)

6th Grade in the Elementary Setting at Eagle Cliffs- 1 Year (Urban)

5th grade - Eagle Cliffs Elementary 1 Year

7th and 8th grade at Riverside Middle School 7th Spanish and Geography, 8th Read180 and Spanish- 1 Year(Urban)


I was the Union rep for two years at my elementary school and I am currently a representative for my middle school. I took a couple years off of being the rep because of having my children but knowing the ins and outs of the union is something I really like. I really enjoyed going to Union meetings and understanding how our schools thrive. Our union has gone to bat for us the past two years with COVID and I really want to have more of a voice to thank and participate in it.

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