Where does your ADVENTURE begin?

Multi-credit Experiential Education

GENESIS is a pursuits based (cycling, canoeing, hiking) environmental education program that strives to develop within students a relationship with the natural world and an intrinsic desire to be a steward of the earth. This unique program allows students to earn four credits as well as multiple certifications as part of an Environmental High Skills Major designation in one semester.

Students earn:

1 Outdoor Education credit

1 Environmental Science credit

2 Cooperative Education credits

20 hours volunteer service


  • St. John's Ambulance First Aid/ AED

  • St. John's Ambulance Wilderness First Aid Level One

  • ORCKA Level One and Two Flat water

  • Compass and Map Basics

  • WHMIS/ Young Worker Safety

  • Knots/Survival Skills

  • Knife/Hatchet/Axe Safety

  • Species Identification

  • Fire safety

  • Water and Ice safety

  • Bicycle safety and maintenance

Environmental Science

Students work in partnership with local professionals and engage in studies of local watersheds, waste management practices and drinking water source protection .


During the semester students lead workshops leading younger learners in a variety of topics involving stewardship.


In partnership with municipal stakeholders, students ideate solutions to local environmental challenges

Experiential Education

A semester in GENESIS involves hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, caving, cycle touring and rappelling. Your adventure awaits!


What is GENESIS?

Student Perspective

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Should I take GENESIS?

Student Perspective

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My Genesis Experience

My GENESIS experience...

What is GENESIS? There are many different answers to this question. For me, GENESIS was an unforgettable, semester-long adventure where I was able to fulfill my passion for the outdoors with like-minded individuals. However, I was also forced outside of my comfort zone. I learned critical life skills, like collaboration, responsibility and resilience. Looking back, it is a major highlight in my high school experience because of it's unique nature- pardon the pun- through experiential learning. GENESIS inspires the next generation to think critically and to take action in the protection of our planet. I am extremely grateful to those who made my experience so memorable.

My advice...TAKE GENESIS

When first hearing about the GENESIS program I thought that it would be a step back for me as it would mean taking a fifth year of high school instead of going on to begin post secondary education. What I did not realize is how much being a part of GENESIS would help me to grow and prepare me for whatever the future may hold. I had to be willing to push myself out of my comfort zone both physically and mentally; in doing so I learned that I am much stronger then I had believed I was. My confidence began to grow as did my ability to cope with my anxieties. Having struggled with anxiety and a lack of confidence for almost as long as I can remember, I was truly shocked at how much I was able to grow within the time span of one semester. Looking back, I think GENESIS creates the perfect storm for growth. GENESIS takes students out of their regular routine and away from the world of social media, pushes students out of their comfort zone and encourages a deep connection to the natural world around us. Overall, I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow, make new and lasting friendships, and find my passion for the outdoor world.

"On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it”

Jules Renard

To put it simply, GENESIS was the best memory that I had of high school. I was already planning on staying back for a fifth year at Sacred Heart before moving onto post-secondary, but I cannot think of a better way to spend a semester before leaving for school. I have always had a love for nature, but this course allowed me to explore this love to new lengths. I met new friends that I will always have a connection with who also have the same love for nature that I do. GENESIS taught me the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, and has shown me how to make this happen. Being in nature gives a person a whole different feeling that cannot be replicated anywhere else, and I will continue to search for places that will give me this feeling. The destination will be worth the journey, trust me.

...an opportunity of a lifetime

I don’t know where I would be today without GENESIS. I was one of those students who had no idea what they wanted to do after high school. During my time with GENESIS I was able to secure a fulltime job with a forestry company that I did my course co-op with. The course also gave me the skills, and confidence to start my own business in aerial photography- droneitphotography.ca and start an online store selling drones- droneitsales.ca . I would have never found this passion without GENESIS. The course taught me a lot of self discipline as it is very busy. It would get me out of my comfort zone on a daily basis. I would strongly suggest that everyone do GENESIS as it is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Community Partners

The GENESIS program is proud to be partnered with the following groups:

  • Saugeen Valley Conservation

  • MacGregor Provincial Park

  • Saugeen Field Naturalists

  • Blue Spring Trout Farm

  • The Town of Hanover

  • The Town of Brockton

  • NWMO

  • Bruce Davidson

  • Langford Canoes

  • Hanover Parks and Recreation

  • Brockton Parks and Recreation

  • Killbear Provincial Park

  • Kincardine Home Hardware

  • Suntrail Outfitters

  • Evan's Service Centre

  • Larson and Shaw

  • Caldecott Millwrights

  • JC Welding

  • Grant's Your Independent Grocer

  • Kaufmann's Valu-mart

  • Saugeen Municipal Airport