school counseling department

Happy Summer!

Schedules are now available on PowerSchool if the required forms have been submitted.  Please see the information below if you have any questions on your schedule.

Once you see your schedule, if there is an issue with it please submit the Schedule Change Request Form 2023-24.  School Counselors will be back in the office mid-August and will begin to review the requests at that time.  Please do not submit multiple requests for the same issue.  

School Counselors will be available on August 21st from 8am - 12:00pm for students to drop in and meet to discuss any concerns with your schedule.

As a reminder, schedule changes will only be honored for the following reasons:

1. Incomplete schedule or insufficient credits

2. A course scheduled in error by the school

3. As a result of courses failed and need to retake course

4. As a result of successful completion of summer school and no longer need a course on schedule

We will not honor changes in electives that were chosen in the spring due to a change of mind.