Explore Engineering !

Appropriate for Students in Grades K-2

What do I need to do?

  1. Chose one of the following STEM problems!
  2. Design a solution to one of the problems!
  3. Be sure to use trial and error to come up with the best solution possible!
  4. Create a presentation to share your solution !

→ This can be on a science fair board OR a digital presentation.

Be Ready for STEM Expo…

    • Be an expert - practice your presentation
    • Tell how you solved the problem!
    • Make sure you share what didn’t work!
    • Make sure your presentation** is neat and attractive

** Parent help is requested and encouraged!


      • More Marshmallows PLEASE! - Who doesn’t LOVE hot chocolate with marshmallows? Create a catapult that tosses mini - marshmallows into a mug. Your goal is to create the most accurate marshmallow tosser!

      • Bridging Fun - Using toothpicks and soft candy, build the strongest bridge you can. Test your bridge strength using household items. How much can your bridge hold?

      • Parachuting Minifigure - Create the perfect parachute for a toy minifigure dropped from at least 10 feet. Minifigures like soft landings and lots of time to take in the view as they descend from their jump. Design a parachute that gives a minifigure the GENTLEST landing and the most amount of time in flight.