Where compassion meets efficiency

We humbly accept the 2022 Best of Lakeville Award for the Social Services Organization. We are proud of our team here at BLRS and grateful for those we choose us at their relocation service provider. Thank you!

We are a Minnesota DHS-certified and veteran-owned relocation agency that provides the following services: Relocation Service Coordination - Targeted Case Management (RSC-TCM), Moving Home Minnesota (MHM), and Housing Stabilization Services (HSS). 

We work alongside individuals to locate a suitable home for them in an area of their choosing, while collaborating with them to ensure that they have the supports needed to live their best life possible. 

Introduction to BLRS!

Who We Are:

We are a product of people who have worked in the human services field for many years, and in the course of that time have developed a passion for helping people transition to a more personable setting. The phrase, “Where compassion meets efficiency” is more than just a slogan, it is our north star.

We believe that every individual deserves to feel like they belong to a community. We have witnessed that individuals who are content with their environment are more likely to contribute to that environment; and they report feeling seen, heard, and valued as an individual.

We feel like with the right supports put in place individuals can achieve most of their goals and can even thrive. It is in that spirit that we have established Best Life Relocation Services (BLRS). We would love to help you, or someone you know start a new chapter in a community of their choice. If you choose to work with us for your complex relocation needs, we will work on your case as if you were a family member needing a chance to start fresh. Our approach at BLRS is truly person-centered, so our time together will always be about you and your relocation plan and goals. 

BLRS was started at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we intend to stay and continue to grow each day to meet the needs of the state of Minnesota and our local community. We value efficiency and our client's time, so their need to move quickly is our first priority.   

Watch our video to learn about what a smooth transition from a short-term rehab center back to the community looks like.

Featured Testimonial 

"I am a Director of Social Services working at a 99 bed facility, overseeing TCU and LTC patients. My first choice when a resident identifies a need for relocation services is always BLRS. They are quick and easy to connect with, have amazing customer service and follow through, and are always willing to step into even the most difficult situations to make a safe discharge possible. The resources, knowledge, staff, and facilities they work with are always top of the highest quality and I have never had to worry about receiving updates or push to have my client heard. There is no one else I would rather trust to help my residents obtain the independence they deserve."  - Jillian

Questions about BLRS? 

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"Where compassion meets efficiency"