The Purpose of Advisory

The purpose of Advisory is to foster relationships that help the Bedford High School community strive toward the ideals of the school mission statement with particular emphasis on "educating the whole person so all members of Bedford High School embody respect, responsibility, integrity, and compassion, with a unique vision and voice. Through good citizenship and service to others, we strive to make positive contributions to the world."


  • Builds positive school culture

  • Is the place where one adult looks out for each student every day

  • Supports students in more than academics

  • Fosters relationships among our entire student body

  • Provides a stable home for an Advisory proxy family

  • Makes good people

Advisor Expectations

The Advisor creates an environment in which students know that they have an advocate, a mentor, a go-to person for any issue or question that they might encounter in their high school careers. The Advisor is the first point of contact for both students and parents when they have questions. The Advisor may not have all of the answers, but can at least help to brainstorm possible solutions or draw other people into the conversation. The Advisor also helps to monitor progress on academic and non-academic graduation requirements, such as Real World Learning hours, and Portfolio of Work.

The Advisor...

  • Cares about his/her Advisees

  • Creates a low-stakes friendly space

  • Supports the whole student

  • Includes all students

  • Mentors students

  • Heads the Advisory proxy family

Advisee Expectations

Students contribute to the creation of the Advisory family by using names, listening, being honest, asking questions, committing their full attention, planning and participating in events, and working with their Advisors to manage their "stuff."


  • Actively create the Advisory community

  • Build relationships with each other

  • Collaborate with the Advisor

Advisory Curriculum

Quarter 1 Shared with parents

Quarter 1

Quarter 2 TEACHERS

Quarter 2

Quarter 3 Shared with parents

Quarter 3

Quarter 4 Shared with parents

Quarter 4

Reporting of Advisory Grades

All Advisors use the following rubric to assess students throughout their four years in Advisory.

Advisory Rubric Website

“Advisory was one of my favorite parts of the day! It was a break between classes to regroup your mind and you become so close with your class and advisor!” - Zoey Shapiro

“Advisory was something I looked forward to every day. I made so many friendships and it was nice to have a teacher in the school to make sure we are on the right track and always there for you. It was a nice support system” - Amanda Jonas

Collage of Photos from Advisories Throughout the School Year