Ways to Give

Got a Kroger Card? Please take a moment to log in to your Kroger Account at www.krogercommunityrewards.com and select NPO Number NS198 (Cavalier Theatre Boosters)! Every time you scan your card to buy groceries or gas, Cavalier Theatre at JF will receive a donation from Kroger! Simple as that. (Gas points are unaffected!) You must re-enroll yearly...so if you joined last year, it's time to RE-ENROLL! Looking forward to a spectacular year!

Got an Amazon account? Click on the link below and bookmark it. ALWAYS use it to sign in when you shop for anything, and CAVALIER THEATRE receives a donation from Amazon every time you do. No added fees, no strings, no nothing...Simple as that! Thank you Amazon! Click here.

Approximately 1.5% of Cavalier Theatre's operating budget comes from the county. The other 98.5% comes from ticket sales and generous people like you! Consider making a tax-deductible donation today.