Cavalier Theatre

We are the theatre program at Jefferson Forest High School in Forest, Virginia. We produce three full-scale main stage productions, a cabaret, an original film festival, a one act competition play, and one full-scale Forest Middle School musical per year. We are happy to be a part of the thriving cultural arts scene in the metropolitan area of Lynchburg.

Theatre classes at JF are fun. Theatre, Stage Craft and Public Speaking courses are open to all students and fulfill the Fine Arts credit required for graduation. For more information on these classes, please contact either Mr. White ( or Mrs. White (

We value hard work above all. But we also believe strongly in the Power of Play, producing 11 Cavalier Improvathons per year for the public. These nights take place in Mr. White's room and are widely regarded as the best $5 you will ever spend.

Since 2010, student enrollment in theatre-related classes at JF has grown from 57 to well over 200. Extracurricular participation has exploded at an even more robust rate. We are just trying to keep up! Thanks for your continued support, and we hope you'll join us this season! We love entertaining you.