M/R LitLink 1/2

The LitLink Letter Dec. 9-13, 2019 Week C

Dear Families,

Thank you to all of you who contributed goodies for our Gingerbread Cookie madness on Thursday! A special thanks goes to Eve Youngberg for making such big, beautiful, and delicious gingerbread boys and girls! I thought our decorated cookies looked amazing, and I know the kids had a great time! Thank you again for making this happen!

Here's what's coming up for the week of Dec. 9-13:

This Week's Learning: We will continue our learning about Foods by reading "Dragons Love Tacos" on Monday. We will be making our own salsas and sampling them while we work on a large piece of dragon art! On Thursday, we will be all about bread. We'll watch a movie about bread and how it's made, and learn what kinds of breads there are in different cultures. Then we will have a chance to sample bread from our friends (see below). We will also be writing--finishing up our gingerbread people descriptions--and meeting for some phonics instruction. (First graders will be working on consonant digraphs th, sh, and ch, and second graders will be working on making long i, and inflectional endings ed and ing.)

Bread Day!

Thursday will be bread day in class. It would be great if each student could bring in a bite of their favorite kind of bread to share with classmates--I will be bringing our family's traditional Swedish cardamom bread to share. Students can bring in an ethnic bread (tortilla, naan), a quick bread (banana, pumpkin, blueberry), a yeast bread (white, wheat, rye, oat), a celebratory bread (challah, nissu, panetone, matzoh), a flat bread (rye krisp, lefse) or anything else you like that I have not listed here! You can simply cut 24 bite-sized pieces and send them in a ziploc bag with your child if you like. Please help your student be ready to tell what they have brought in and why they like it.


This is Week C!

Monday: 9:30 Amy B. 10:05 Candice

Wednesday: 10:45 Jess

Thursday: 9:30 Savannah 10:05 Annette

Classroom Partners

Monday: Candice, Melinda B.

Thursday: Savannah, Annette, Karly

Please remember to make up your classroom partnership time if you miss it! There are several of you who have not been in the classroom at all since September. Being in class helps you get to know your child's friends, see your student interact with others, and know what is going on--so be sure to be there!

Food Fair

Monday, Dec. 16 (NEXT Monday) will be our Food Fair Day! Each student will set up a "booth" (their desk) to display their food. They may bring in whatever items they wish to make their display--things like a small tablecloth or placemat, a nice plate, a sign with the name of their food--all are easy to do. If they are bringing in ethnic food, a flag of the place their food comes from would be great. A copy of the recipe for their food would be great.

Please send food in ready to be served (i.e. cut into bite sized pieces) unless you are planning to stay and help "dish up" the food. (Which would be great!) If it needs to be "served" please send in something like a small dixie cup with a plastic fork, or small paper plates with utensils. If it needs to be heated, we can accommodate a couple of crockpots or electric skillets in the classroom. Students may bring in a "main dish" and a "dessert" if you would like to do that--it is entirely up to you. Snacks are also welcome (I personally think cheese popcorn is about the best food on earth--so I may be bringing in that!)

Each child will have about 30 seconds to tell what their food is and a little bit about how it is made or where it comes from. This needs to be brief! Something like, "My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. It is made from noodles that are made from wheat, and cheddar cheese that is made from cow's milk, and milk that comes from a cow." Or, "My favorite food is steak. It is meat that comes from beef cattle". Or, "My favorite food is apple pie. It is made with apples that are grown in Washington, flour that comes from wheat, sugar that comes from a sugar cane plant, and cinnamon that comes from the bark of a tree." Please help your student plan and practice what they are going to say! This is a big part of the speaking/listening standard that I will be looking at for them!

Parents are welcome to attend our Food Fair! Your presence, interest, and questions just make it that much more fun! Let me know if you have questions!

That's all for now! Have a great week!


The LitLink Letter Dec. 2-6, 2019 Week B

Hello Families,

This letter is going out before Thanksgiving, but it is for Dec. 2-6, Week B. This is because I am not planning to send out a letter on Sunday night after Thanksgiving! I will be enjoying my last few hours of our break, as I hope you will be doing too. So read this today, then rest and relax with your family for the next five days!

Learning for Dec. 2-6

We will be reviewing OREO opinion writing (state your Opinion, give a Reason for your opinion, Explain your reason, restate your Opinion) as we write about the "best thing about Thanksgiving". We will also get to do some storytelling as we write a narrative about a gingerbread boy or girl. (And we'll probably sneak some descriptive writing in there as well.) We will begin reading some "cumulative tales", such as "The Turnip" and "The Gingerbread Man", and will re-tell them by acting them out. Reading groups will be happening this week too.

Vision and Hearing

We will be going for vision and hearing screening on Thursday, Dec. 5, at 11:10. Just want you to be aware.

Gingerbread People

We will be writing about gingerbread people, and hopefully we will be decorating gingerbread people on Thursday, Dec. 5, around 1:45. Please go to this link https://signup.com/go/SsFTnns at signup.com to sign up for something to bring in. Of course, any extra helpers would be appreciated. We love to have younger siblings in class, but we may not have enough extra for all of them to decorate along with us, so please keep that in mind before bring them to class that day!

Bread Day

Keep in mind that Thursday, Dec. 12 is Bread Day! I would love to have each child bring a sample of their favorite bread to share with classmates. Especially if the bread has special family significance--like a tradition that goes with it, or a cultural connection. Just a bite will do! I will be bringing in our family's traditional Swedish cardamom bread.


This is Week B!

Monday: 9:30 Galina 10:05 Melissa W.

Wednesday: 10:45 Ircania

Thursday: 9:30 Chrissy 10:05 Melinda B.

Classroom Partners

Monday: Amy B., Ircania

Thursday: Chrissy, Galina

That's all for now! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your amazing children!


The LitLink Letter Nov.25-29, 2019 Week A

Greetings Families!

I hope you are all ready for the Thanksgiving holiday! This will be a short week, but I want to let you know about some things that are coming up on the calendar!

This Week's Learning

This week we will learn about "Still Life" paintings, and will be painting our own Still Life with Apples. We'll look at some of Paul Cezanne's apple still life paintings, as well as those by some other artists.

What is Coming Up--Parent information only! Please don't tell kids what's coming up!

Thanksgiving Break--begins Weds., Nov. 27. We'll see you back at school on Monday, Dec. 2.

Gingerbread--On Thursday, Dec. 5 we will be reading "The Gingerbread Boy" and will be decorating our own gingerbread people. We will need a number of items for decorating, including gingerbread cookies (large), frosting, sprinkles, candies, etc. I will provide our "background" paper plates.

Please email and let me know if you could bring in one of the following items on Dec. 5:

§ 12 Large (approx 6 inches tall) Gingerbread girl cookies

§ 12 Large Gingerbread boy cookies

(These are easy to make using a Betty Crocker gingerbread cake mix! Just follow directions on box!)

§ red icing

§ white icing

§ green icing

§ sprinkles

§ mini chocolate chips

§ mini marshmallows

§ red hots

§ mini m&ms

§ regular m&ms

§ red vines skinny vines (like, for hair)

§ mini candy canes

§ variety of mini candies (like, from the bulk foods section)

§ paper towels

§ plastic spoons, knives, popsicle sticks

Dragons and Tacos--we will be reading Dragons Love Tacos on Dec. 9, and making our own salsa to munch while we create extra large dragons. (We'll need some chips!)

Bread is for Eating--On Thursday, Dec. 12, we'll be learning about different kinds of bread from around the world. I will be bringing in my family's favorite cardamom bread to share. I would love it if each child could bring in a favorite family loaf (banana bread, cinnamon bread, tortillas, naan, rye bread, challah, even Dave's Killer bread, or a bagel, would work!) to share a couple of bites with classmates.

Food Fair--Monday, Dec. 12 will be our Food Fair. Kids will decorate a "booth" (their desk) to display their favorite food. Plan to bring in whatever you can that can be cut into bite size pieces for kids to sample--bring "serving pieces" such as small paper plates, napkins, sample size cups, utensils--to go along with your food. Hopefully we will not end up with 21 pizzas! Help your child be creative--think soups, salads, desserts, pastas, appetizers, seafood--all kinds of things! I will send out more information about this as we get closer to the date.


This is Week A of December, even though we are still in November!

Monday: 9:30 Iryna B. 10:05 Elena Z.--we will do an email consult. Would anyone else like this spot?

Viktoriya, Karly, Sadie, and Melissa O.--We will do email consults unless you would like the 10:05 spot on Monday.


Monday: Elena Z., Viktoriya, Jess

Enjoy your holiday preparations, and I'll see you for a short week next week!


The LitLink Letter November 18-22, 2019 Week D

Hello Families,

Another great (albeit, short!) week has gone by and we are past the halfway mark for November! Here's what is coming up for November 17-22.

This Week's Learning

We will continue our learning about food by talking about where our food comes from and how it gets to us. We'll look at a book called "The Milk Makers" and discuss the process involved in getting milk from the farm to the table. We will work in small groups to create posters that show the steps in this process-- Producer-> Processor-> Transporter-> Distributor-> Consumer--and we'll present our posters to the class. We will learn about the Pilgrims and their friend Squanto, and do some research on the foods eaten at the first Thanksgiving, and then we will write opinion pieces about which food we think is the BEST Thanksgiving food. It should be a fun week of learning and working together.

2nd Graders

Please keep working with your 2nd graders on long vowel patterns! We have covered long o in class.


This is Week D!

Monday: 9:30 Eve 10:05 Hayley

Wednesday: 10:45 Melinda B. (makeup) 11:20 Karly ( Makeup?)

Thursday: 9:30 Mallory 10:05 Megan


Monday: Hayley, Eve, Melissa W.

Thursday: Sadie, Mallory, Megan

Congratulations Jessika and Deklan!

Finally, Congratulations to all of my students for the incredible food maps they made! They worked very hard on maps that show food production in the state of Washington, then they voted on the ones they thought were best. Special shout outs to our winners: Jessika Zherebnenko for 2nd grade, and Deklan Parrish for 1st grade! Great job, everyone!

That's all for now--have a great week!


The LitLink Letter November 11-15, 2019 Week C

Dear Families

Well, we have had a terrific week! The kids had such great attitudes and were very diligent students for me all week long. It is such a pleasure to work with such wonderful children! I am really looking forward to what's coming up!

This Week's Learning:

We will continue to learn and read about foods. We will finish our food map of Washington and make sure that we understand how to read map symbols. We'll be able to see what foods come from different parts of our state, and we'll discuss how climate affects food production. We will be reading "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" to learn and understand more about climate and weather conditions. We'll also be doing some writing, and I'll be meeting with reading groups to work on long o patterns.

Veteran's Day

Don't forget that Monday, November 11 will be a school holiday as we observe Veteran's Day. Thank you to all who have served our country!


This is Week C!

Weds., Nov. 13 11:20 Jess B.

Thurs., Nov. 14 9:30 Savannah A. 10:05 Annette A.

Candice and Amy B.-- we'll miss our consultations due to the holiday. We will do an email consult this month, so please watch for it and get back to me asap!

Classroom Partners

Thursday: Savannah, Annette, Karly

That is all for now! Thanks for all you do to teach these kids and help them grow into such kind and caring people!


The LitLink Letter November 4-8, 2019 Week B

Hello Families! I hope you all made it through the last days of October with no tummy aches, fevers, or meltdowns! Thank you to everyone who was here on Thursday for our Reader's Theater performance. For our first performance (with very little rehearsal time!) I thought it went very well.

Here's what is coming up for the week:

This Week's Learning

We will be starting a new unit on "Food, Glorious Food!" this week. We'll begin by talking about where our food comes from. We'll make maps of the United States and the state of Washington, and learn about different foods that are produced around the country and state. We will be reading "Stone Soup" and "Blueberries for Sal"--two great food-themed books. We will also be learning about Veteran's Day, which is coming up soon, and we'll be decorating stars to honor veterans.

Upcoming Holiday

Speaking of Veteran's Day, don't forget that Monday, Nov. 11 is the Veteran's Day holiday, and we will not be having school that day.


This is Week B!

Monday: 10:00 Melissa W.

Wednesday: 10:45 Ircania

Thursday: 9:30 Chrisy 10:00 Melinda B.

Classroom Partners

Monday: Amy B., Ircania

Thursday: Chrisy, Galina

I think that is all for today--short and sweet. Stay healthy! Less than 8 weeks until Christmas!


The LitLink Letter Sept. 30--Oct. 4, 2019 Week A

Hello Families! I hope you have all had a great weekend--it really feels like fall, doesn't it? Here's what's coming up this week:

This Week's Learning

Now that we are finished with iReady, we are ready to jump feet first into our "regular" schedule. We will finish our leaf paintings using warm and cool colors. (This has been a great exercise in listening and following directions!)We will be finishing and "revising" (new vocab) our personal narratives about friends, then we will write an informative piece entitled "What is a friend?" We will begin learning about the friendship of Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh, and will study their paintings (don't worry--this will be the family friendly, "G" version of their story). We will prepare to paint flowers in the style of Van Gogh or Gauguin, focusing on texture and color. We will read some more stories about friendships, and then welcome another staff friend, Miss Alyssa (our school psychologist), into class to meet the kids and begin to get to know them. Miss Alyssa will be coming into our class every other week to talk with the kids about being listening skills, making friends, conflict resolution, and respectfulness.

Reading Groups

This week we will begin meeting in our small groups for reading, speaking/listening, and some writing instruction. I will be meeting with just one group per day--so that means each group will meet with me every other week. It won't be a lot of time, but will give me a feel for where the kids are in their reading progress.


This week I will be able to give you information about your student's Math iReady!

Monday: 9:30 Iryna B. 10:00 Elena Z.

Thursday: 9:30 Viktoriya 10:00 Melissa O.

Wednesday: 10:45 Karly 11:15 Sadie

Classroom Partners

Monday: Elena, Viktoriya, Jess

Thursday: Iryna, Melissa O.

If you can't be here for your partnership time, please be sure to arrange for someone else to trade spots with you or take your place!

That's all for now--have a great week!


The LitLink Letter Sept. 23-27, 2019 Week D

Hello Families!

Well, here we are at Week D already! It feels like we are just getting into a rhythm! Thank you to everyone who was able to come to Parent Day on Thursday. I hope it was helpful. Please be sure to complete the survey and let Mr. Clements know any suggestions you have for our next Parent Day at the end of October.

This Week's Learning

This week we will finish up iReady Math testing, go deeper into a character study of Frog and Toad, try our first reader's theater with puppets, learn what a personal narrative is and write a personal narrative about a time spent with a friend, and do a warm and cool color art activity. We will also begin reading groups this week. Finally, I feel like we are getting going!

Resources are Here

The Evan Moor phonics and language resources we ordered are here from the print shop. I also have homework masters for Zearn Missions 1-3 if you were not able to get those on Thursday.

Consultation Schedule

Monday: 9:30 Eve 10:00 Hayley 3:00 Elena

Thursday: 9:30 Mallory 10:00 Megan A.

Classroom Partners

Monday: Eve, Hayley

Thursday: Sadie, Mallory, Megan

I think that's all! I will go over iReady scores at your next consultation. Have a great week, everyone!


The LitLink Letter September 16-20, 2019 Week C

Hello Families!

Just a reminder that I will be out of the building spending time with my youngest daughter on Monday. (So excited to see her!!) We will have a substitute and it will be a MAN!! The kids are really excited--something different and new! Of course, because of the nature of our program, any additional parent help would be welcomed. I have tried to plan some fun and easy activities for the kids and the "man teacher", but moms always make a big difference in class!


The kids have done a great job on their iReady assessments--we have finished reading and will finish up math during Week D. Thank you to all who came in to help with login!

Consultations (Week C) Monday: Amy and Candice--I will contact you to reschedule Wednesday: 10:45 Jess Thursday: 8:50 Annette and Savannah (also 8:50 or 12:30?)

Classroom Partners Monday: Candice, Melinda (and any extras please!) Thursday: Savannah, Annette, Karly

Parent/Student/Teacher Days Sept. 19 and 20

Please see below--and thank you for your flexibility!

That's all for now. I appreciate your patience as we get the new year rolling. Things always calm down by Oct. 1!


Parent Days--September 19/20, 2019

Dear Families,

As you know, we will be having a special Parent/Student/Teacher Day on Thursday, Sept. 19 and Friday, Sept. 20. I have tried to put together a schedule that I hope will be meaningful and helpful for you and your student (Yes--bring your student!)

Here is what our/my schedule will look like next Thursday:

8:15-8:45 Block 1:

This is when I teach Print and Press. If your child is in my class, stop by and we will talk about goals for the next few weeks, and ways that you can help your student at home. If your child is in a different class for Block 1, then visit that class to hear what the teacher has to say.

8:50--9:20 Block 2:

I normally have consultations during this time, so I am planning to meet with Savannah and Annette and their kids to sign our September progress review. (Ladies we can meet together or one of you can take the morning spot and one can take the afternoon spot).

Most of your kids are in Primary Science at this time. Come to room 8 to meet with Miss LaLonde and set some goals for science class. If your child has a different class, go to that.

9:25--9:55 Block 3:

This is when you would come to room 8 for LitLink 1/2. I will have reading iReady scores available for you to see and go over with your student. Then I would like to have students take the Words Their Way Phonics Inventory (which is like a spelling test).

10:00--10:30 Block 4:

Around this time we will give the kids a little outside time (bring a snack too, if you like) and we will look at the data from the tests. Usually it is very clear which skills students need to work on. Then we'll bring the kids in and set some goals with them. I will have some materials for you use to reach your goals that you may take home if you wish.

10:35--11:05 Block 5:

For block 5 I thought we could talk about Zearn math and share some ideas about how to use this program effectively. I also have additional Zearn materials that I can show you if you feel you need more pages for your student to practice his/her math skills.

11:10--11:50 Lunch

I will repeat this entire schedule in the afternoon at these times:

11:55--12:25 Block 1

12:30--1:00 Block 2

1:05--1:35 Block 3

1:40--2:10 Block 4

2:15--2:45 Block 5

I hope this helps! We will be figuring it all out together. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!


The LitLink Letter Sept. 9-13, 2019 Week B

Dear Families,

We made it through the first almost full week of school! This week we will have a full schedule with no holidays, days off, or half days! So far, things are going great! Your children are fantastic! So kind, helpful, and eager to learn. Here's what's coming up:

This Week's Learning

We will be writing Thank You notes to Officer Raiser, Madi's and Rowen's grandpa, who visited with us last Thursday to talk about safety and following the rules. We will read about two friends, "Little Blue and Little Yellow", and then do some painting after we read the story. We'll experiment with color mixing and learn "primary colors", "secondary colors", "cool colors", and "warm colors". And we will learn the literary element "character" as we explore "Frog and Toad" and describe the characters in that story.


We will also begin iReady testing this week. My plan is to start after lunch at 12:30 and work until about 1:15-1:20 on Monday. Thursday, we will do the same thing. After iReady we'll take a recess break and then come in and do some fun stuff. We'll see how far we get this week--we may need to do some more testing next week. Having extra parents in class to help with logging in is always helpful! If you are available at 12:30 on M/R we would welcome your help!

Writing Folders

Many of you sent Writing Folders in last week. Just to make it clear--our writing folders stay in class. The kids keep their writing in the folder, that way they have access to a story later on in case they have new ideas that they would like to add to it. They get to bring their writing home periodically, and they bring the folder home at the end of the year. If you have not sent in a folder for your child yet, please try to send one in this week or next week. Thank you!

September 19 and 20

Please be watching your emails for information about September 19 and 20. I will send out information when I am sure of what we will be working on!

Payback Books

Payback Books went home on Thursday. If you choose to purchase one, the payment instructions are on the letter inside the envelope. If you would like more books to sell to family and friends, please see those instructions in the letter too! If you are not interested, simply send the envelope with the book back to school.


We will do Free Voluntary Reading each day in class. If your child has a book they are reading or a favorite that they would like to bring in for FVR, please feel free to send it in his/her backpack. They will bring it home at the end of the day!


This is Week B--I have a couple of make-up consults due to the Labor Day Holiday

Monday: 9:30 Galina 10:00 Melissa W. 3:00 Elena Z. ?

Tuesday: 10:40 Iryna ?

Wednesday: 1045 Ircania

Thursday: 9:30 Chrisy 10:00 Melinda B.


Monday: Amy B., Ircania

Thursday: Chrisy, Galina

That's plenty for now--have a great week everyone! Kerri

LitLink 1/2 Week A September 2-6, 2019

Hello Families!

Well, we had a great first day of classes on Thursday! Your children are delightful, and I am anticipating a wonderful year of learning ahead of us! Here is what’s coming up:

This Week’s Learning

This week we will be focusing on Friendships! We will learn how our school and classroom rules help us all to be safe and happy so we can focus on our friends and learning. We will talk about those in our community who help us follow the rules and stay safe (and maybe even have a special friend visit who will talk to us about this!) And we will enjoy one of my favorite books--Officer Buckle and Gloria. We’ll also stick with a new buddy to learn some reading skills.

Zearn Math

I will be sending you your login information for our Zearn Math account as soon as I finish sending out this communique! Please watch for this! All you need to do is

GO TO: www.zearn.org

ENTER YOUR INFO: Username and password (which I will send you)

CLICK: Sign In

Let me know if you need me to adjust the “Mission” (i.e. “unit”) your student needs to be working on, and I will do so as soon as I get the chance.

Writing Workshop

We will begin Writing Workshop on Thursday. WW is a time for WRITING--not talking, reading, or looking around. Drawing/coloring may be added as long as it adds to the writing. I will be keeping all of the kids’ writing in class in a writing folder. If you could provide a simple “pee chee” style folder with pockets (and of course a delightful picture or decoration on front) and send it in with your child on Thursday, or even next week, that would be great.

New Lunch Schedule

We will be heading to lunch a few minutes earlier than was originally planned. We’ll leave class around 11:35 to walk to the cafeteria. That way we will be ready to get food and start eating at 11:40. We just need to provide a little more time to get the younger students through the line so the older students who are coming in later don’t get backed up. We will then head out to recess around 12:00/12:05.

Phonics, Grammar, Punctuation Materials

Please check with me this week if you are using StoryTown--I’m hoping the materials we had printed at the print shop will be available for you this week!

This Week’s Consultations

This is Week A--these are the people I will be meeting with:

Monday: Iryna and Elena--we will need to reschedule due to the Labor Day Holiday! I’ll be in touch!

Wednesday: 10:45 Karly 11:15 Mercedes

Thursday: 9:30 Viktoriya 10:00 Melissa O.

This Week’s Classroom Partners

Thursday: Iryna, Melissa O.

That’s all for now! Have a great week, everyone!


Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year!

Here's what is happening for LitLink 1/2 families this week:

Tuesday, August 27

Come to meet with me (Mrs. Stewart) at 12:00 IF you are a new family or were unable to attend the spring orientation. Our meeting will last about an hour.

Orientation is required in order for your child to start school on the 29th. Students cannot come to class on the first day without paperwork completed, which is done at orientation.

If you are on campus Tuesday, I suggest getting your picture taken while you are here. Also, all volunteers need to have their picture taken for ID purposes. So, send in grandparents or anyone else that may be helping on campus!

Wednesday, August 28th

Come by the school between 10:00-12:00 or 1:00-2:00 to pick up curriculum and get your picture taken! I will be in room 8 to help you.

Thursday, August 29th

First day of class for the Monday/Thursday students!!

Block one starts at 8:15 am. (This will impact those of you taking "Print and Press")

Block 2 begins at 9:30 am. (This will impact those of you taking Primary Science or Art 1/2)

LitLink 1/2 begins at 10:45--Block 3--and goes until the end of the school day at 3:00 pm.

Friday, August 30th will be the first day of classes for Tues/Fri families.

Parents are welcome to stay with their students to make sure they are comfortable navigating their new classes. We will do everything we can to make sure each child is where they need to be for each block!

Consulting and Partnership

Week A will begin September 3rd. Our consulting and partnership time in the room begins on Thursday, Sept. 5 since we don't have class on Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 2)