Locker Room

The Locker room facility is equipped with a shower (3 heads), toilet area, hand washing station, drinking fountains, and 159 lockers.

Common locker room procedures:

A locker is assigned and school locks are available for student use, free of charge (unless the lock is not returned at the end of the year). Personal locks are not allowed.

  • Students may, or may not, find themselves sharing lockers due to limited space and lockers.
  • Often items are left behind or out of lockers. These items will be placed in the lost and found either in the locker room or in the hallway. Chief Middle School will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items.
  • Showers are available, but students need to supply their own towel and soaps/shampoo.
  • We encourage students to have their PE clothes washed weekly.
  • While deodorant use is encouraged, spray or aerosol spray deodorants are not to be used. Sticks and roll-ons are encouraged. Confined space and limited air movement results in some having issues with asthma or allergies.