Fitness Gram

Fitness Gram is a program used to help guide, collect and report measurements on students when doing fitness activities (fitness tests).

For our purposes here at Chief, we primarily test on push ups, sit ups, flexibility (sit and reach), the pacer (timed running program), and the mile. There are school records for these tests posted for the students to see and strive towards.

Tests are performed to see where a child fits in the nationally accepted range of the "Healthy Fitness Zone", with a stress, however, on individuality and uniqueness.

While there is a stress on individual fitness, there is also a component of striving to do your very best. Often people are motivated through competition. Therefore, students at Chief Middle have the opportunity to challenge themselves to make an elite list of people who record the highest scores in fitness tests for their grade and gender. The following chart indicates the best scores by individuals this year as of 3/9/17.