Counseling and Student Services

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Counseling Office 360.885.6556

Counseling Office Staff:

Donna Shrider Counseling Secretary

Lexi Kiil Assistant Counseling Secretary 

Shelley Pfingsten Registrar 

Kate Demsky Assistant Registrar 

School Counselors:

Myke Pace                A - Dan

Brian Kimber            Dao - Hen

Cheyanne Knight     Heo - Leve

Nick Santilli              Levi - Ose

Valerie Luiz             Osg - Smi

Zach Williams          Smo - Z 

College and Career Center Staff:

Kevin Doyle Career Guidance Specialist

Jaucelyn Nylund Career Guidance Technician 

Kris Neal Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Debbie Smith Word-Based Learning 

Academic and Social-Emotional Support Staff:

Tyler Moore Mental Health Therapist

Kathy Ferrier Graduation Assistance Coordinator 

Kristen McHenry Grad Coach - 9th Grade

Julianne Lampard Grad Coach - 10th Grade 

Celia Goodrich Grad Coach - 11th Grade 

TBD Grad Coach - 12th Grade

Corinne Altotsky Instruction Assistant - Math

Amy Warnke Intervention Specialist

Shelley Hinkle Intervention Specialist 

Crystal Steinmueller Social-Emotional Center

Teresa Arlich Social-Emotional Center