BGHS Student Services

Counseling Office Main Number: 360-885-6556

Counseling Office Support Staff:

Donna Shrider- Counseling Secretary

Sharon Carter- Assistant Counseling Secretary

Shelley Pfingsten- Registrar

Kate Demsky - Assistant Registrar

School Counselors:

Alice Norton: A - Dew

Cheyanne Knight: Dex-Jes

Jessica Ambrose: Jet-Mil

Dawn Pack: Mim-Set

Sheryl Piper: Seu-Z

College and Career Center Staff:

Kevin Doyle: Career Guidance Specialist

Jaucelyn Nylund: Career Guidance Technician

Kris Neal: Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Academic and Social Emotional Support Staff:

Kathy Ferrier: Graduation Assistance Coordinator

Charlie Dunn: Grad Coach- Grade 12

Robin Bladow: Grad Coach- Grade 11

Joanna Richardson: Grad Coach- Grade 10

Kristen McHenry: Grad Coach- Grade 09

Jackie Stack: Intervention Specialist