Resources for Dual Enrollment Administrators

Consider joining one of the dual enrollment organizations listed on our Dual Enrollment Organization page.

Key Resources for Dual Enrollment Administrators

Dual Enrollment Planning

Partnership Development

Instructional Minutes

Pathway Mapping

  • Career Pathways Mapping Toolkit Career pathways maps clarify and align programs and services; they link increasing levels of certification, education, and employment; and they support students in choosing among the opportunities that interest them. Understanding this important process is critical in creating strong dual enrollment programs.

Research to Inform Practice

Professional Development

  • Dual Enrollment Leadership Academy (CCEMC) Join DELA and learn from top High School and College leaders on how to guide and direct a successful DE program that will support closing the gap for first generation college students and increase achievement for all students.

  • Vision Resource Center Dual Enrollment Training (1 hour): Covers the dual enrollment options in the California Community Colleges with an emphasis on College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP). The module provides a brief introduction to dual enrollment generally and then explores the specifics of the students, courses, schools and faculty that will most benefit from a CCAP agreement and how an agreement can be initiated. Available to community college staff, administrators and instructors after registration.

Also check out Dual Enrollment Best Practices for documents and ideas from other dual enrollment programs.