Resources for Dual Enrollment Administrators

Consider joining one of the dual enrollment organizations listed on our Dual Enrollment Organization page. 

Key Resources for Dual Enrollment Administrators

Dual Enrollment Planning

Partnership Development

MIS Data Reporting

CCAP Agreement Submission Process

New Fully Executed CCAP partnership agreement (signed by both districts), updated Appendix to CCAP partnership agreement, and amendments to CCAP partnership agreement will now be submitted through a survey in the Alchemer system! 


  CCAP Agreement Submission:  Alchemer Link Details 

Instructional Minutes & Apportionment

Pathway Mapping 


Dual Enrollment Toolkits

Los Angeles County Toolkit to Equity-Centered Dual Enrollment Partnerships (2023): Created by the Los Angeles County Office of Education and the Greater LA Education Foundation, this is well organized and provides contextualized resources. Here are a few examples of resources included:  

Research  to Inform Practice

Professional Development

Also check out Dual Enrollment Best Practices  for documents and ideas from other dual enrollment programs.