Alhambra Unified School District

Induction Program

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Mission Statement:

The AUSD Induction Program is committed to providing a meaningful experience that is teacher-driven, focused on professional goals, and incorporates comprehensive mentoring support, in the spirit of inspiring continual growth, promoting a habit of self-reflection, and ensuring long-term success in the educational field.


- To support teachers in clearing their Preliminary Teaching credential.

- To support candidate development and growth in the profession by building on the knowledge and skills gained during the Preliminary Preparation program.

- To design and implement a comprehensive mentoring system that helps each candidate work to meet the California Standards of the Teaching Profession.

- To support teachers in developing an Individualized Learning Plan that will guide the candidates' work during the Induction program.

- To encourage a habit of reflection using a variety of Induction Program tools.

- To connect candidates to the broader professional community through professional development and veteran teacher experiences, as well as administrator consultations.

- To create opportunities for recent completers to participate in the future development and growth of the Induction Program, as member of the Advisory Board, or leading a Professional Learning Community as a Content Mentor and hosting Veteran Teacher Observations.

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We clear the following credentials:

- Multiple Subjects

- Single Subject

- Education Specialist