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Click below to request to drop or level change a class for second semester

Please note the following requirements for submitting this form:
*This form must be submitted by January 29, 2021.*For priority consideration, this form must be submitted by December 4, 2020.*You must continue attending your current class until you receive a new schedule from the counselor.*Seniors with a “No Class” have limited options for dropping a class.*A move to 6th period sports or a list class may require a teacher change in another class.*Dropping a class may affect status for graduation, college admission, CSF, NHS, and NCAA.*District Board Policy requires Senior students to be enrolled in at least 5 classes during the school day.*Due to limitations in the master schedule, changes are not guaranteed.
*9th, 10th, and 11th Grade students may NOT drop any elective course.Please see the complete drop policy here: AHS Drop Policy
*Seniors - If your academic record changes, you must notify the Admissions Office at each campus to which you have applied. Academic record changes include:-Failure to earn a C- grade or better in a course-If you add or drop a course after your original application submission-If you reported any class inaccurately

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Free Peer Tutoring

After school tutoring with AHS students between 3-4 pm via Zoom

National Honor Society Tutoring

Paired one on one tutoring with an NHS student

Private Student Tutoring

Private one on one tutoring for a fee

UCLA Students Tutoring in STEM

UCLA undergraduate students tutoring for free

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