Welcome to Peer Tutoring!

High School Tutoring (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-4:30PM; Wednesday 3:00-4:00PM; Friday 3:30-4:00PM)

It's the 2021-2022 school year!

This is the official website for the Arcadia High School Peer Tutoring and Outreach Program~You can check back here for updates and information regarding any fundraiser, bonding events, and more!

Work hard and have fun; you can do it!


Peer Tutoring & Outreach Program Officers

Contact Us

Adviser: Ms. Will swill@ausd.net

Student Rep: Rachel Wang

You can always stop by the school library before school or at lunch to talk directly with a program adviser.

For information regarding private fee-based tutoring, please contact the Counseling Department.

Do I need tutoring?

Students often come to a crossroad when deciding if they should handle their classes on their own, or if they need that extra assistance and explanation that tutoring programs can offer.

If you are seeing a continual pattern of poor test scores and noticing that it's hard to break that bad pattern, feel free to come by and see what we have to offer. You may discover something you didn't consider earlier when assessing your difficulty in the class. We look at multiple aspects of the issue and work with you to figure out something that can help get you back on track to succeed in your difficult class.

Often, financial issues are a problem, but the peer tutoring program at Arcadia High School is free for all students attending AHS. So if you would like to see improvements in your academic performance, improve test scores, and be more confident in school, make the choice to come in.

Still not sure whether you need tutoring? You can always stop by the counselors to get their feedback on what course of action you should take to improve your situation.