Fee Based Peer Tutoring

Attention Arcadia High School Students!

Do you really love a particular subject and want others to love it also? Do you like to help your classmates? Do you want to make some extra money this year? Then sign up to be a tutor. By signing up here, you are sharing your contact information with other AUSD students who are in need of tutoring. Students will have access to all of the information you submit and can initially contact you using your student email only. You and the person you are tutoring will make your own arrangements outside of school hours including time, location, and alternate method of contact.

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Attention Arcadia Students and Families!

Are you struggling with a particular academic subject? Are you comfortable asking other students for help? Are you willing to invest a little pocket money in your education? Click below to access our Arcadia High School Fee Based Student Tutor list. By accessing this list, you agree that you are a student enrolled in the Arcadia Unified School District and are interested in asking for academic help from an Arcadia High School student. You must initially contact tutors using your student AUSD email. Please note, tutors on this list are Arcadia High School students. They are not selected or recommended by specific teachers or counselors. Any arrangement made with students on this list is done solely between the tutor and the tutee/parent/guardian and is not facilitated by Arcadia High School .

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