World Languages

Administrator: Karen DuBerke

Secretary: Liz Cloud

Phone: (626) 821-1759

Department Chair: Cheryl Lopez

The primary goal of the World Languages Department is to give students the opportunity to become familiar with a language other than their own. Students will learn to use, understand and communicate in a new language, in its spoken and written form. Through the language, students will learn the cultural heritage of other lands and become acquainted with customs, values, and beliefs of other people. The study of another language enhances one’s awareness of the structure of the English language. We also offer a course in Chinese that is intended for students who can prove oral proficiency but have only basic writing skills. In order to graduate, a student must pass either 10 credits of a world language or 10 credits of fine arts, or a combination thereof.

AHS Curriculum Guide

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AHS World Language Teachers

Marisa Gaeta-Catano

Julie Jong

Nathalie Krikorian

Stephanie Huang

Cynthia Latham

Cheryl Lopez

Ivy Martinez

Guadalupe Rodriguez

Samantha Silverman

Tomoko Snyder

Jessica Summers

Christina Vaughan