Physical Education

Administrator: Keith KerneySecretary: Marianne von KriegenberghPhone: (626) 821-1759Department Chair: Jason Franz

Overview of the Program

The Arcadia High School Physical Education program provides a wide range of movement experiences to encourage lifelong fitness and health, which focuses on the development of the whole individual – physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. We provide courses with instruction and evaluation delivered in a developmentally appropriate sequence. Content for 9th grade courses are focused on Individual and Dual Sports. 10th grade courses are focused on Team Sports, both guided by state standards. Elective courses have a unique curriculum focused on the specificity of each course and state standards. 

PE Requirement

All students are required to enroll in Physical Education in the 9th and 10th grades. Students are encouraged to continue taking PE in grades 11 and 12. Physical Education grades are counted as part of the student’s overall high school grade point average. Any Physical Education class completed in grades 9 or 10 where credit was not earned must be made up in grades 11 or 12. Also, in order to graduate, students must meet the Swim Survival and Health Proficiency requirements.

Health Requirement

Students who do not take Physical Education (Athletics, Color Guard, or Pep Squad) will need to meet the Health requirement by taking a health class (18 days) for a Pass/Fail grade. Classes will be offered during Zero Period (3 ½ week course) or AEF Summer School (fee based program).

Top Ten Reasons for Quality Physical Education:​

1. Regular Physical Activity Helps Prevent Disease

2. Regular Physical Activity Promotes Lifetime Wellness

3. Quality Physical Education Can Help Fight Obesity

4. Quality Physical Education Can Help Promote Lifelong Physical Fitness

5. Quality Physical Education Provides Unique Opportunities for Activity

6. Quality Physical Education Teaches Self-Management and Motor Skills

7. Physical Activity and Physical Education Promote Learning

8. Regular Physical Activity Participation Makes Economic Sense

9. Physical Education Is Widely Endorsed

10. Quality Physical Education Helps to Educate the Total Child

Physical Education Articles and Videos

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AHS Physical Education Teachers

Kyle Blotzer

Jon Dimalante

Ashley Frandsen

Jason Franz

Nicholas Lemas

Andrew Policky