Administrator: Michele Lew

Secretary: Marianne vonKriegenbergh

Phone: (626) 821-1778

Department Chair: Dave Silah

Through the mathematics curriculum, students develop analytical and logical thinking skills. These skills will prove useful for the student regardless of the college or career path taken following high school. Through participation in Arcadia High School’s comprehensive mathematics program students will be well-prepared for their post-secondary career and study in many diverse areas including mathematics, science, engineering, computer science, the social sciences, and other subject areas. The mathematics program at Arcadia High School balances the teaching of computational skills along with the conceptual understanding of mathematics and real-world mathematical problem solving. As they progress through the series of courses offered, students will be challenged with increasingly complex mathematical concepts and problems. All students, with persistence, effort, and daily practice, can be successful in mathematics.

NOTE: AHS Math Department requirements are not in complete congruence with the UC/CSU requirements. Please speak with your counselor or the Math Department Chair if you have any questions.

AHS Mathematics Teachers

Janet Chuang

Michael Cockroft

Mylinh Crew

Dorothy Daniel

Tamra Erickson

Jean Hong

Barry Lisbin

Nils Miller

Ray Mynster

Beatrice Nairi

Dan Nguyen

Jenna Phillips

Mo Rolfe

Dave Silah

Benjamin Smith

Albert Sylvia

Brian Walker

Sharyn Wang

Ying Zhang