Social Science

Administrator: John Finn

Secretary: Susana Moreno

Phone: (626) 821-1791

Department Chair: Gerry Wang

Students are required to take 3 years of course work in the social science department: Modern World History (freshman year), United States History (junior year) and one semester each of Government and Economics (senior year). The department offers honors and Advanced Placement courses in several content areas as well as a wide array of electives.


All AP and Honors classes require the successful completion of a college qualifying grade of ‘C’ or higher in the preceding year’s course. In the past, successful AP/Honors students have achieved a ‘B’ grade or better in both History and Honors English classes with an overall GPA of 3.00 or better.

Social Science Courses for Freshman
Social Science Courses for Sophmores
Social Science Courses for Juniors
Social Science Courses for Seniors

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Arcadia High School Social Science Graduates...

AHS Social Science Teachers

Jeannie Ackerman

Oliver Beckwith

Kevin Fox

Michael Freese

Laura Galloway

Paul Green

Christa Heinrich-Josties

David Jones

Megan Leahy

Heather Moore

John Panza

Michael Pasqua

Kellie Purcey

Gerry Wang

Matthew Wong