Athletic Clearance

Athletics Office hours for Athletic Clearance processing:

Monday- Thursday

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Athletic Clearance Form Instructions

Athletic Preview.pdf
  1. Your student's AUSD email address and network password will be needed to access the form.

  2. Make sure you are logged out of all other gmail accounts when you access the form.

  3. Once the form is completed, the "Parent 1" email address you entered will receive a confirmation email. The email must be printed and signed. Two signatures are required:

    • 1) Parent signature agreeing to the terms on the online form AND

    • 2) Signature from the medical doctor (including the doctor's office stamp and date of last examination) who performed the physical on your child.

  4. Once this is complete, the signature page can be turned in to the athletics office for final clearance along with the transportation receipt.

  5. NOTE: Athletic Clearance Forms are only good for the current school year (August-June). Physicals must be completed and dated after the last day of school of the prior school year (6/2/2022) to be valid.

Athletic Clearance Form