Vista PEAK Preparatory Counseling 

Consejería de Vista PEAK

Counseling Mission and Vision

At Vista PEAK Preparatory, our counseling department strives to meet ASCA national standards by focusing on the academic, social/emotional, and college/career domains. 

At  Vista PEAK Preparatory our mission is to help every student establish, identify, and obtain their goals. We are working with all students to help identify how they learn best, as well as how to advocate for themselves in order to meet the individual needs of our diverse learners.  We wish to offer all students a wide range of learning opportunities while they are in high school. In addition to academic and career development, Vista PEAK counselors assist students in the management of their emotions and support them in acquiring interpersonal skills. 

(Breakdown by Student's Last Name)

A to Ca:    Patrick Lugo Ng to O

Cb to Gi:  Samuel Thomas P to Pha

Gj to La: Courtney Dauer Phe to Ram

Lb to Ne: Felicia Manor Ran to Roc

Nf to Sam:

San to Z: Carmen Kittrell Rod - Sam

Mental Health Counselor: Jacilyn Berryman 

School Based Therapist: Katherine Kastrup 

School Psychologist: Kelly Johnson

School Psychologist: Ian Marcheschi 

Social Worker: Christian Brown

Graduation Coach: Abdullah Carter 

College & Career Center Coordinator: Grace Jimenez 

Counseling Department Events

1/Apr/24 Staff PD Day. No school.

2/Apr/24 11th CMAS Testing 

8-12/Apr/24 International Cultural Celebration Week! 

17/Apr/24 11th Grade SAT 

18/Apr/24 9th and 10th SAT 

26/Apr/24 Staff PD Day. No School.

27/Apr/24 Prom!

29/Apr/24 Exchange Day. No school.  

10/May/24 Seniors last day!

21/May/24 Graduation! No school.  

22-23/May/24 Finals. Release at 12:50.