Teacher Evaluation

Identifying the complex components of quality teaching is a fundamental step in supporting teachers’ professional growth as well as developing a fair and reliable evaluation process; both aspects of the Great Teachers and Leaders Act.

Just as the Colorado Academic Standards provide common expectations for student learning, the Teacher Quality Standards outline the knowledge and skills required of an excellent teacher. They are the core of the evaluation process and offer a tool for teacher self-reflection, goal setting and ongoing professional growth.

NEW!! 2017-18 Revised Teacher Rubric Pilot

  • NOTE: Teacher Professional Practices 'Look For' document: Due to APS participation in the Revised Teacher Rubric Pilot there is not an available "look for" document for the 2017-18 school year.

Senate Bill 10-191 requires fifty percent of an educator’s evaluation in Colorado be based on educator impact on student learning determined by using multiple measures in relationship to the Colorado Academic Standards. In Colorado, the term “academic growth” is closely associated with results from the Colorado Growth Model (CGM) as reported in the School and District Performance Frameworks.

The phrase “measures of student learning” or “MSL” is employed to ensure that districts understand that evaluating student learning for educator evaluations is not confined to results from the CGM, but is inclusive of results from multiple types of measures that districts may use in educator evaluation and to support instructional goals.

For questions about the teacher evaluation or principal/assistant principal evaluation processes or support with Measures of Student Growth/Outcomes contact: Erin Brophy-Lindo, Director of Educator Effectiveness-HR at eebrophy@aps.k12.co.us

For professional learning & calibration support for the Quality Standards for educator effectiveness from the Division of Equity in Learning contact: Shawn Graziani, Director of Educator Development- Equity in Learning at smgraziani@aps.k12.co.us.