Educator Effectiveness News & Committees

APS values the input from all educator groups concerning the evaluation process.

Performance Evaluation Council:

    • This council is required of every district and is charged with consulting with the local board of education as to the fairness, effectiveness, credibility, and professional quality of the certificated personnel performance evaluation system and its processes and procedures as well as conduct continuous review of those processes.

Educator Effectiveness Advisory Group:

    • Over the past few years a number of committees have convened to provide input into the evaluation system in APS. The Teacher Evaluation Revision Committee, the Principal Evaluation Revision Committee, the SSP Evaluation Committee and the TOSA Evaluation Committee have done valuable work in helping shape the evaluation process for the District. However, with four different committees and the bulk of the work around developing the evaluation system complete, the Educator Effectiveness Team felt combining these groups would be beneficial. The Educator Effectiveness Team strongly believes in gaining input from stakeholders in the district and in 2015-16 put together the Educator Effectiveness advisory group that combined prior committees to provide the Educator Effectiveness Team with:
      • Feedback on evaluation processes and tools;
      • Feedback on key evaluation topics; and
      • Help in supporting evaluation communication throughout the District

For questions about the teacher evaluation or principal/assistant principal evaluation processes or support with Measures of Student Growth/Outcomes contact: Erin Brophy-Lindo, Director of Educator Effectiveness-HR at

For professional learning & calibration support for the Quality Standards for educator effectiveness from the Division of Equity in Learning contact: Shawn Graziani, Director of Educator Development- Equity in Learning at