Stephen B. Hager, Ph.D.

I am a professor in the biology department at Augustana College, Rock Island, IL.

teaching at augustana | Students in my courses are challenged to learn content and conceptual material, and to apply this information to solve problems. I offer opportunities for students to engage in high-level critical thinking skills, analyze complex situations, and effectively communicate their work in both verbal and written contexts.

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nature studies photography | The natural world is a massive dynamic system. Change through time is the rule, and I attempt to provide visual evidence of that change. Moreover, the natural world is engaging. I try to make photographs that tell a story of my interactions--moments of engagement--with nature.

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augustana college field stations | Augustana College owns three properties that are used for educational/environmental activities. I currently serve as the Interim Director of Field Stations, and my duties are to manage the sites, provide teaching support, safety issues, and maintain budget.

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bird conservation | My research program seeks to understand the causes of human-related threats to natural bird populations.

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art and science of climate change | This course combines the science of climate change with artistic expression for personal growth. In Art and Science of Climate Change, I explore the topic of climate change with students through: (1) classroom studies on current evidence and forecasts of a warming climate; (2) field studies that include data collection on habitat variables and repeat photography to document environmental conditions; and (3) reflection photography that captures thoughts and feelings about our changing Earth and what the future may hold for us and the natural world.

In 2018, I taught Art and Science of Climate Change at:

Art and Science of Climate Change is taught for public education and learning institutions outside of Augustana College. Augustana students may participate for hands-on art and research experience, as in 2018 at Ghost Ranch.

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Contact Information

Stephen B. Hager, Ph.D. | Department of Biology, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL 61201

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