Welcome to  the Department of Student Learning

In a culture of equity and excellence we engage, educate and empower each student for success beyond graduation.

Heidi Harris, Assistant Superintendent Student Learning hharris@auburn.wednet.edu  

Adam Ladage, Director of 6-12 Student Learning aladage@auburn.wednet.edu  
Julie DeBolt, Executive Director of K-12 Assessment & Student Learning jdebolt@auburn.wednet.edu 

Tom McDermott, Director  K-12 College & Career Readinesstmcdermott@auburn.wednet.edu 
Brendan Jeffreys,  Director PK-8 Student Learning bjeffreys@auburn.wednet.edu 

Jane Hendrickson, Director 7-12 Career and Technical Educationjhendrickson@auburn.wednet.edu 
Ryann Mead, Assistant Director PK-8 Student Learning mmead@auburn.wednet.edu 

Tamikya Gore, Assistant Director K-12 Instructional Focus  tgore@auburn.wednet.edu 
Peter Lamb, Assistant Director PK-5 Multilingual Learnersplamb@auburn.wednet.edu 

Maeghan Bowman, Assistant Director 6-12  Multilingual Learnersmpbowman@auburn.wednet.edu 
Jason Hill, Assistant Director Newcomers and Welcome Centerjhill@auburn.wednet.edu 

Jill Barrett, Assistant Director, K-12 Electivesjbarrett@auburn.wednet.edu 

Support Staff:

Crystal Cross, Executive Administrative Assistantccross@auburn.wednet.edu (Supports Heidi Harris and Jill Barrett)

Becky Abbott, Categorical Program Support Specialistbabbott@auburn.wednet.edu(Supports Adam Ladage and Tom McDermott)
Janet Bloom, Data Analytics/Categorical Program Support Specialistsjbloom@auburn.wednet.edu(Supports Julie DeBolt and Brendan Jeffreys)

Lisa O'Dell, Intake Specialist  Newcomers and Welcome Centerlo'dell@auburn.wednet.edu Phone: 425-276-1735(Supports Jason Hill)
Misty Totten, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager PK-8 Program Support Specialistmtotten@auburn.wednet.edu (Supports Brendan Jefferys and Ryann Mead)

Ceres Gosney, CTE Finance and System Specialistcgosney@auburn.wednet.edu (Supports Jane Hendrickson)
Jen Bolin, Language Access Liaisonjbolin@auburn.wednet.edu (Supports Julie DeBolt, Peter Lamb and Maeghan Bowman)

Mateo Atehortua, Interpreter/Translatormatehortua@auburn.wednet.edu Phone: 425-272-5573(Supports Interpreter Services)
Pilar Hunter, Testing Specialist Newcomers and Welcome Centerphunter@auburn.wednet.edu Phone: 425-243-7242(Supports Jason Hill)

Ulonda Holman, Administrative Assistantuholman@auburn.wednet.edu (Supports Tamikya Gore, Peter Lamb and Maeghan Bowman)
Brenda Moore, CTE Administrative Assistantbmoore@auburn.wednet.edu(Supports Jane Hendrickson and Ceres Gosney)