Cherry Springs Star Party

Presented by: Astronomical Society of Harrisburg

2024 Cherry Springs Star Party will be held from June 6th to June 9th, 2024. 

Registration for the 2024 Cheery Springs Star Party will open in March 2024, date to be announced. Keep checking here for announcements.

Please note the following procedures for registration this year:

Pre-registration is required to attend the Star Party, there will be no registration at the gate during the party.

Registrations fees are non-refundable once purchased

You may transfer your registration(s) to another person(s) on the waiting list for the Star Party, however this must be done  through Eventbrite in order to make sure the proper names are on the registration list for attendees. Transfers will be allowed up  to Wednesday June 7th 2023,   After that date the registration list for the party will be finalized and no more changes will be allowed.  Your name must be on the registration list in order to attend the party.

Also - before registering be sure to read the information in the section below to be sure you can abide by the rules and guidelines of the party, 

Important things to know before registering for the Star Party

The Star Party will be held rain or shine - unfortunately we cannot control the weather

Registration for the Star Party allows you to camp on the Overnight Observing Field where the party is held - just be aware of the following rules for the field in order to keep it dark for observing and all the astronomical equipment safe:

Driving on the field after sunset is prohibited after sunset - the gate at the front of the field will close at dusk and open at dawn

Campfires are prohibited on the Overnight Observing Field

Dim red lights only allowed after sunset on the field - no white lights after dark - including inside tents and RV's!

All non red lighting is prohibited after sunset, including interior and exterior lighting on automobiles, campers, RVs, etc. Also no non red lighting from other devices such as flashlights, cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, etc 

All lasers are prohibited except for laser collimation devices used for telescope lens and mirror alignment.

Electric pedestals on the field are for powering astronomical equipment, computer, and small appliance use only.

Cooking is allowed, but cooking that creates excessive smoke, open flame or spattering grease is prohibited. Smoke and grease  can damage telescope optics

Please observe the posted speed limit on the field to keep dust down and off telescope optics.

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2023 Cherry Springs Star Party! We had some great weather and good times - we hope to see everyone in 2024!

What is the Cherry Springs Star Party?

The Cherry Springs Star Party is a gathering of amateur astronomers and people who enjoy the night sky who gather together to observe and photograph  the night sky together , listen to speakers on various astronomical topics, visit astronomical vendors and suppliers, and meet and greet with fellow night sky enthusiasts. The party takes place on the Overnight Observing Field at Cherry Springs State Park which is an International Dark Sky Park and one of the darkest spots east of the Mississippi River.


2024: June  6th - June 9th, 2024

2025: June 19th - June 22nd, 2025

2026 : June 11th - June 14th, 2026


State Park Map

Map of the park, showing the location of the Overnight Astronomy Observation Field where the Cherry Springs Star Party is held.

Cherry Springs State Park - 4639 Cherry Springs Rd, Coudersport, PA 16915

Cherry Springs State Park was named Pennsylvania's first dark sky park by the DCNR in 2000. The adjoining Cherry Springs Airport, built in 1935, was closed and its land was added to the park in 2006, to expand its stargazing area. On June 11, 2007, the International Dark-Sky Association named it the second "International Dark Sky Park"; under optimum conditions the Milky Way casts a discernible shadow. Cherry Springs has received national press coverage and hosts two star parties a year, which attract hundreds of astronomers. There are regular stargazing and educational programs for the public at the park, and the Woodsmen's Show attracts thousands each summer. Cherry Springs also offers rustic camping, picnic facilities, and trails for mountain biking, hiking, and snowmobiling.

Cherry Springs Clear Sky Chart