Attosecond Science

Exploring Physics at the Microcosms of Time

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Ultrafast atomic, molecular, and optical science has undergone a revolution in the 21st century. The generation and application of coherent attosecond duration extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) and soft-x-ray (SXR) light pulses has established a new field, termed as "Attosecond Science". The excitement in this field arises from the possibility of observation and control of matter at the level of electrons, which typically undergo dynamics on the sub-femtosecond to few-femtosecond timescale. Our research is geared towards the development and application of new attosecond spectroscopy techniques for real-time probing and quantum control of correlated electron dynamics, investigation of coupled electron-nuclear dynamics in molecules and many-body interactions in low-dimensional nanomaterials. We are also pursuing the application of tunable strong-field light waveforms and nonlinear interactions to tailor the electronic properties of atoms, molecules, and nanosystems.

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