2021-22 SWHS Course Catalog

For information regarding the 2020-21 Course Catalog please contact bwry@swindsor.k12.ct.us


South Windsor Public Schools promotes an engaging and dynamic culture of learning that prepares students to achieve their own individual excellence. Within an emotionally safe environment, educators will foster students’ academic, social and personal growth. Our students will demonstrate critical and creative thinking, self-direction, collaboration, adaptability, compassion and civic responsibility in an ever-changing global society.


The mission of the South Windsor High School Community is to cultivate intellectual growth, global citizenship, and personal wellness.


ACADEMIC EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENT LEARNING: ● Apply and communicate knowledge and skills across disciplines. ● Demonstrate intellectual curiosity and academic growth. ● Gather, assess and analyze information to solve problems and make informed decisions. ● Apply problem solving skills in diverse challenges in an ever changing society.

SOCIAL EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENT LEARNING: ● Establish a network of relationships to assist in physical and mental wellbeing. ● Demonstrate caring, independence and resilience. ● Engage in behaviors that foster commitment to lifelong wellness.

CIVIC EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENT LEARNING: ● Understand varying opinions, diverse beliefs and cultural differences by demonstrating respect for self and others. ● Contribute individually