Maple Grove Senior High Counseling Department


Welcome to the Maple Grove Senior High School Counseling Website

We are a team of professionals providing individual and group supports. We encourage all students to get to know their school counselor. Our counseling team is a straight split alphabetically, so your assigned counselor will be with you throughout your high school experience.

To meet with your counselor, you will need to schedule an appointment. You can do that by filling out a request here:

Counseling Appointment Request

This link can also be found by scanning the QR code found on posters throughout Maple Grove Senior High.


This is the time of year that seniors start their college applications. If you are using the Common Application, you will be asked to list a counselor on your application in order for the counselor to submit a School Report and/or Recommendation. Add your counselor as listed below. Do not use an Osseo Apps email for your counselor; use their district email (see below).

A -Da Marin Thuen add:

Db - I Shelly Benusa add:

J - Mi Sarah Vanderpol add:

Mj - Sa Heather Hernandez add:

Sb - Z Jennifer Hamel add:

Why should I see my School Counselor?

School counselors collaborate with students, families, community members and school personnel to assure that all students realize and integrate their academic, career and personal/social potential in order to develop and achieve an individualized vision of success. We are trained to help students in the following areas.
Personal/social support – School counselors help students with issues such as friendships or other social issues, family concerns, chemical use, eating issues, stress, depression, etc. When appropriate we help connect students and families with more specialized support and resources.
Academic support – School counselors help students with academic organization, course planning, identifying barriers to success, study skills, tutors and scheduling. We also help students examine credits more closely and help ensure students are on track for graduation.
College and career planning – School counselors help students identify their strengths and interests and align those with their career goals. We discuss future planning, support college exploration and application. We help students understand the connection between their academic learning, post-secondary education and their career goals.

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) model.

Samantha Voiovich

Counseling Secretary


Marin Thuen

Counselor: Last Names A - Da


Michelle Benusa

Counselor: Last Names Db - I


Sarah Vander Pol

Counselor: J - Mi


Heather Hernandez

Counselor : Last Names Mj - Sa


Jennifer Hamel

Counselor: Last Names Sb - Z



Social Worker



Christopher Lawler

Student Assistance Counselor