Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for the device following deployment. There are systems in place to help with device management throughout the year.

Things To Know

  • Each secondary site has a device management technician. This individual helps students with troubleshooting and repairs.
  • The District Help Desk is available - Monday through Friday from 7:00 am - 4:00 pm daily.
  • All devices are filtered through our district Internet filter.
  • All devices (and grades 4-12 charging equipment) are asset tagged with a barcode.

Device Supplies and Asset Tags

Upon initial deployment, all students are issued a case, cable, and charger. If there is damage or loss to the case, cable or charger, students will be held financially responsible.

All devices are provided with either a protective case (iPads) or a carrying sleeve (Chromebooks). The case on the iPad must remain on the device at all times. The carrying sleeve for the Chromebook should be used at all times, unless the student opts to put the device in a laptop pouch in a backpack. All cases are required to be returned at collection, free of markings, stickers, and other conditions. Returning a device case with stickers, markings and other unremovable conditions may result in a replacement fee.

All devices (Grades 3-12) deployed after 2018 will have metal asset tags applied to them; the asset tag is not to be covered up or removed. If a student is found without the asset tag on their device, they may be responsible for purchasing a replacement for $10. A temporary asset tag will be applied to the device while a metal asset tag is ordered.

Device Repairs

Students will be assessed damage repair costs for all damages to the student’s assigned device. Any outstanding charges in relation to the device may result in the device being held in the media center until a minimum payment is made and a payment plan is set up, or the charge is paid in full.

Certain situations may require the full-payment of the device cost. These include:

  • Devices that are damaged beyond repair
  • Devices that are stolen or lost due to negligence
  • Device supplies that are stolen or lost due to negligence
  • Intentional or reckless damage
  • Tampering with the device or operating system. Students should not attempt to fix or repair hardware issues on the device.
  • iPad only: Damage that occurs when the device is out of the district-issued case.

Any incidents of damage, theft or loss of a device must be reported to the School Media Center immediately (i.e.. no later than one (1) school day following the incident, unless the incident occurs over a weekend/school break, in which case it must be made when a student returns to school). This includes cracked screens, even if the device is still usable.

The District will track damages in its asset management system. Students who have had three damages with their assigned device will be required to have a meeting with the building administration. At four damages, a parent meeting will take place with the building administration. The District reserves the right to modify charges based upon a parent’s active military service or inability to pay.

If a device is damaged to the extent that it cannot be repaired (as determined by the repair vendor) and requires the replacement of the entire device, the family will be required to pay the entire cost of the device.

In the event of theft or loss due to negligence, families will be responsible for the entire cost of the device.

In the event the device is tampered with, damaged intentionally or recklessly, or repaired by a non-authorized vendor families will be responsible for the entire cost of the device.

Spares will be provided to a student on a per-case basis as determined by the Mobile Device Management Team. Students who have tampered with or intentionally or recklessly damaged the device will not be issued a spare. Spare devices are assigned to the student and will follow the same damage charge process as the assigned device.

Device Management Procedures 2018–19