#DL4A in Osseo

Digital Learning in District 279

A vision for accelerating learning using technology in Osseo Area Schools that personalizes instruction and prepares students for college and career.

Our aim is to strengthen the focus on teaching and learning practices that better support student success in the digital–age, which requires adapting instructional practices, incorporating new educational resources, and utilizing internet-connected technology. Broadening the meaning of digital learning from a device-dominated perspective to a more comprehensive approach that stresses the act and process of learning was important to the planning team. This revised Digital Learning plan sets the direction and priorities to support digital-age teaching and learning over the next three to five years.

Digital Learning Guiding Principles

  • Digital learning is essential today to prepare students to thrive in post-secondary education, the workplace and our digital world.
  • Digital tools and resources help teachers transform instruction from a focus on content delivery by teachers to more engaged, personalized and self-directed learning by students.
  • Technology enables students to have equitable access to content and learning opportunities, and allows for anytime, anywhere learning.
  • Technology helps personalize student learning.
  • Digital tools and resources help students develop critical thinking, and creativity by enhancing collaboration and communication within and beyond the classroom; and empowering student voice.

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