Salvete Omnes

Waterville Senior High School offers a comprehensive four-year program in Latin.

N.B. (Nota Bene) Most colleges now require a minimum of two years of language study. A student should plan to take language classes for all four years of high school, which means beginning in 9th grade at the latest. Many have even opted to take two languages (four of one and two of another) for any and all of the reasons below, if he/she:

● plans to major in modern or classical languages or the history of language

wants to apply to a highly competitive college program

● wants to achieve a high mastery of English grammar and vocabulary

● is considering becoming a foreign language teacher – there is a very real shortage in Maine and nationwide!! There will be a job waiting for all who qualify!

A student should choose to study Latin if he or she:

● Wants to improve his or her understanding of English grammar and writing

● Is interested in a career in medicine, pharmacy, engineering, law, government, architecture, or business

● Is interested in ancient history, especially that of ancient Greece and Rome

● Is interested in the history of language and wants to significantly increase one’s English vocabulary

● Makes choral singing a part of his/her life

● Wants to learn about classical thought (philosophy), literature, civilization, and /or mythology

● wants to learn the foundations of (become prepared to learn) any/all the Romance languages, ie., French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, or Rumanian, as well as the basic set-up for German, Greek and Russian ( all inflected languages).

All students in Latin will adhere to WSHS policies found in the student handbook and also the following:

Latin Expectations.pdf

Who is Metcalf?

Born and raised in Southern Maine I never had a need to travel much further north than Portland. Attending college at Saint Joseph's College of Maine I graduated with a B.A. in History and Classics. I returned to my old stomping grounds of Sacopee Valley where I worked as an Education Technician (2010-2012). It wasn't until a part time Latin position opened that I realized my true calling (2012-2015). While there I continued to develop the program and the local chapter of the Junior Classical League. Upon hearing that Waterville was in need of a Latin teacher I moved to central Maine and adopted the purple and white (2015-Present). I currently work in many different capacities:

  • Co-Advisor to the Class of 2020
  • Sponsor of the WSHS Junior Classical League
  • Member of the WSHS ACEs Committee
  • Member of the WSHS Renaissance Committee
  • WSHS Building Representative for the WEA Teacher's Association
  • Volunteer Coach/Athletic's Gofer.

I'm passionate about my students, my school, and my community. Together I believe we can be the change we want to see.