In previous years, we have used Google Suite to collect and analyze data. Because our district is making a push towards standards-referenced grade books, we have transitioned to using Infinite Campus to collect our data. From both systems, we have used Awesome Tables to analyze the data.

For the 2016-2017 school year, we have used the following protocol for responding to data:

  1. Set the Stage
    1. Review the learning targets of the assessment
    2. What is your “adjustment trigger point” for moving on?
  2. Describe the data- What do you see in the data?
    1. Teachers take turns describing their data- stay away from interpretations at this point.
      1. At this point, teachers should have sorted student work based on performance/recorded proficiency level by learning target for each student
      2. While not required, it might be helpful to list your observations
  3. Interpreting the Data
    1. What strengths are evident in the data?
    2. What weaknesses are evident in the data?
    3. What additional instruction is necessary and for whom?
    4. What have we learned regarding developing assessments and instruction in the future?
      1. What instructional strategies were helpful in preparing students to reach mastery?
  4. Summarize Instructional Decisions/Next Steps
    1. What are the implications for next steps from your summative assessment data review?
  5. Reflect on the process
    1. What worked well?
    2. What changes do you need to make for this process to be most effective for your team?