Welcome to Seventh Grade

Southwood Academy of the Arts

Welcome to the Seventh Grade at Southwood Academy of the Arts! We look forward to a great year!

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On this main page, you'll find general seventh grade information.

2020-21 A5 Middle School Common Supply List.pdf

Supply List

Meet the Team

Mrs. Dobson, Mr. Kay, Mr. Boltin, Miss Paradis, Mrs. Mundy, Mrs. McElhannon

Useful Links for Parents and Students

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Click the image above to go to PowerSchool.

The 7th grade team highly recommends our parents have access to PowerSchool! It is the best way to stay up to date on your child's progress here at Southwood! We update our gradebooks regularly so you can see your child's current average in all of our classes!

See the front office for information on getting set up with access!


Each student is issued a District owned Chromebook that will follow them throughout their enrollment in Anderson 5. These Chromebooks come with a GumDrop case on them.

Notes about the Chromebooks:

1. Students should NOT be writing on the screen of their Chromebook with dry erase markers. This can damage the screen.

2. They should NOT be taking the case off the Chromebook for any reason. No pictures or paper should be placed between the Chromebook and the case, other than the student label that was placed there on the bottom of the Chromebook.

3. No stickers, vinyl, etc. should be placed on the cases.

4. If a student damages their Chromebook or are having a problem, they should notify their teacher as soon as possible and go see Mr. Wright, SAA's ITSA.

Water Bottles

Students should only have water bottles with screw top lids in the classroom. No colored drinks should be brought past the cafeteria. Drinks other than water cause stains and sticky residue on the floor, if spilled in the classrooms. If a student brings other drinks in, they will be asked to pour it out.

Cell Phones

As a reminder, students should NOT be carrying their cell phones around during the day. Cell phones should be left in lockers at the beginning of the days. Cell phones that are seen or heard can be taken by teachers and sent to the front office. Parents will be required to come to the office to pick up the cell phone at the end of the day.