Instructional Technology Resource Teachers

Two Opportunities from the VDOE Great way to earn PD Points

1. #GoOpenVA is functional as of next week, though they will still be adding features over the summer and won't be "open for business" until August. The VDOE would like to have some Virginia-specific resources to put into our collaborative community and repository before our official launch. They also need people who will have some experience using the system to give us feedback what type of "help" resources would be most useful. They are calling these brave folks Pioneers. See the attached flyer. You may give your feedback to Jean Weller by email:

2. The General Assembly has tasked VDOE with developing policies and materials to support Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, and Media Literacy by Fall of 2020. They are to create an advisory board of no more than 12 people. Among those we need one elementary teacher and one secondary teacher. If you are willing to actively participate in such work, please contact Jean Weller by email:

They are still organizing and so don't have any details about how much time and what tasks will be involved yet. The work won't begin in earnest until this Fall.