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Birthday party is back!!!

2023/04/28                                   It's been a really long time since we've had a birthday party. A new school year has begun. We had a birthday party for the students born in April. The student council did all the planning and proceedings. The present was everyone singing the birthday song and a birthday card. We will introduce the birthday card:

 "Happy birthday. There are people who keep sending messages and book cards like this to all the students. The cards are handwritten. In this way, the message for each person is different. It's a beautiful and heartfelt message. Also, a gift certificate to buy books is given."

I will introduce the letter from the group.

"Congratulations to everyone at the school, teachers, and families on the AmerAsian school's 25th anniversary. I feel a strange bond that our relationship, which started in the spring of 1998, has grown for this long. Since the school was in Ooyama, the development of the school and the students, it is amazing to see how wonderfully they have grown. We also dream of sending out a message of world peace and equality towards the 30th anniversary, and we hope that we will continue to send birthday cards. 

Group Blossom, Suginami Ward, Tokyo

Tamae Sato"

How wonderful. It's been since 1998. They've been supporting you like this since long before you were born. Please do not forget that AmerAsian School is what it is today thanks to the support of many other people. We will have a birthday party every month. Everyone, please don't forget to be grateful for your own birthday and nurture it.

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to all!

and... remember the appreciations.

The birthday party is back!

At last...make a circle and sing along Happy birthday to  you ~ ♪

To be thorough ~The beauty of being serious~


The students' skill level of cleaning in the men's restroom has gotten better. They have been scraping off the urinary salts stuck to the urinal strainer. A stone stuck like a stalactite in a cave in 25 years is not so easy to remove. It also had a pungent odor. It didn't budge with a scrubbing brush, and even a scraper didn't work very well. Every day during cleaning time, a blacksmith-like sound echoes from the back of the men's restroom. When I first explained how to do it, the JH boys were making a big fuss with "Oh! No! No! No! ". They are now working almost silently. Every day, the inside of the restroom has changed to a refreshing feeling. This photo conveys the splendor and beauty of being serious and thorough, and the importance of continuing. Elementary school students who are still little kids now will grow up watching wonderful seniors.

Let's change the school by ourselves 

~Student council in action~


Students started student council activities every Thursday from 14:40 to 15:10. During the first meeting, we explained what student council is.

“The student council is an organization in which all the students come together to plan daily activities and events and make the school a lively and bright place by themselves.

 "Schools can't run well with only teachers. We need your help. Power and energy are born only when everyone moves positively. There are many events, so let's exchange ideas. To that end, it is important to carefully accumulate small daily activities. We will split daily activities between students in G4-G9. That's the student committee. There are eight committees: Life Committee, Library Committee, Environment beautification Committee, Public relations Committee, Health Committee, Arts and culture Committee, Food education Committee, and Physical Education Committee. Please make a plan for the whole school year in each of your committees.”

 This is how the student committees started. The second session for each committee is to confirm their roles and discuss annual plans. The children's practice of making their own school has begun.

Potatoes arrived from Okinoerabu Island

~Hayashi's seasonal Potatoes 2023~


 Seasonal potatoes have arrived from Okinoerabu Island. They were donated by Mr. Shinya Hayashi and Mrs. Kaori who are friends of Ms. Kondo, our office manager. They run a potato farm in Okinoerabu Island. We wanted everyone to know the taste of freshly harvested potatoes, so we cooked french fries for the student's snack time in the Fukufuku kitchen. We started cooking at 9:00 and made it in time for the long recess at 10:00. At first, we thought we had more than enough, but everyone ate it all at once!! It was delicious! Everybody was so happy!   

"Thank you, Mr/Mrs. Hayashi. We are entering typhoon season. Let's get through it together!!"

Neatly boxed

potatoes arrived

There is someone to raise

and potatoes grow.

This deliciousness,

the connections,

  we appreciate it.  

Smile is the best way to be kind to others. You need me, I need you too.

       ~Words that everyone should keep in mind~  


 I set a school motto. It tells the students the direction everyone should go. In particular, we have students and teachers at the school from all over the world, different environments and different cultures come together in this school.

However, even if our backgrounds are different, what we seek as people is basically the same.

I posted the school motto on the bulletin board at the entrance. Please check it. The calligraphy is by Masae Shinjo, and the decorations by Mrs. Okuno, the parent.

The bulletin board at the entrance

Summer school information

Art, Music and Dance Event, May Shower

        ~Impressive Stage by AASO Guitar Club ~


On Saturday, May 27th, The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) held a comprehensive "cultural festival Art, Music and Dance Event, May Shower". Mr. Travis, who works at OIST gave the students great opportunity to perform. This year's slogan at our school is "get engage beyond school."

It was a big stage for the students who usually doesn't have many opportunities to make presentations, but everyone was very calm and was very well, received great feedback by audience. We will arrive at impression by been consistent, been practice correctly, pile up small things.

Thank you to all the parents and guardians who  supported students on the day of the day.

Released from tension...

Tension・・Excitement・・accomplishment。 Repeating this process to become stronger.