Tools for Teaching

Our Most Needed Tools for Remote Instruction

Clicking on the images and text below will take you to tutorials on these essential tools that allow teachers, students, and families, to:
Communication, Teach, Connect, and Assess

AVer M70 Tutorial.mp4

(NEW) AVer M70 Doc Cam Tutorial - 2021

Watch this screencast tutorial to get acquainted with our new document camera's software. Please contact IT if you need support with technical items (wires, cables, connecting to devices, etc.) via help desk ticket.

DocCam to MacBook Tutorial.mp4

Document Camera

Want to use your Document Camera as a tool during Remote Instruction? First make sure your administrator and IT are aware (file Help Desk ticket to notify IT), then check out this video (left) and slide deck (below) to help you hook up your Document Camera to your teacher MacBook. Please Note: Software download and User Guide are both available in slide deck below.

Seesaw for Support Staff.mp4

Seesaw For Schools for Support Staff

This is to help our Resource Specialists, Counselors, Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, etc. navigate and set up Seesaw for Schools classes so that they may serve our students during school closure.

Mobile Number Privacy

Mobile Number Privacy for Teachers

Simple ways to keep your mobile phone number when you're reaching out to parents.

Chromebooks open up a world of possibilities for learning. Explore ideas and apps to inspire budding digital citizens, scientists, and world explorers.

Google's Teach From Home Toolkit has lots of great ideas and support.